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Aetuts+ Photoshop Contest! - Contest Closed

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After Effects has often been referred to as "Photoshop for Video". I was thinking about this the other day after I said that very expression to someone who asked what the heck Aye Eeh Toots was. I then went over to Psdtuts+ and started looking back through their archives and well, I got inspired...

We're hosting this contest in hopes that you'll get a little creative and start to think outside the box and more importantly... outside the AE. Most people who are proficient in After Effects are pretty comfortable with Photoshop. This is often because most of us started in Photoshop and then stumbled across AE and realized... "Holy Crap! I could do ANYTHING!"

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Here's the Contest:

Create a 5-15 second long video within After Effects that was done following or inspired by a Psdtuts+ tutorial. This can a VFX shot, a Motion Graphic animation, or any variation you can conceptualize.

Submission Details

You can submit as many entries as you like but all entries must be submitted by February 28th at midnight EST


We will be judging based on 4 categories (25 points each - 100 total):

  1. Integration of a tutorial found on Psdtuts+ tutorial (How closely you stick to the tutorial)
  2. Visual quality of your end result (This is all about the execution, good timing... and an overall attractive render)
  3. Concept creativity (With this area we're looking to say, "Huh... cool idea", that's it)
  4. Straight up Popularity (After we select the top 20 entries, we'll make them available for you to vote on)

Our staff will look over the submissions and choose the top 20. We will then make those available for you to watch and vote on.

Winners and Prizes

We will be giving away over $2,000 worth of prizes thanks to our sponsors, Red Giant Software, Techsmith, and the Envato Marketplaces.

The 20 First Round Winners will all receive $10 credit toward the Marketplace.

To our Top Winners we'll also be giving away :

Magic Bullet Looks (for After Effects) - $400

Magic Bullet LooksMagic Bullet LooksMagic Bullet Looks

Magic Bullet PhotoLooks (for Photoshop) - $200

Magic Bullet Photo LooksMagic Bullet Photo LooksMagic Bullet Photo Looks

from Red Giant Software... and:

Camtasia Studio - $300

Techsmith's Camtasia StudioTechsmith's Camtasia StudioTechsmith's Camtasia Studio

Snagit - $50

Techsmith's SnagitTechsmith's SnagitTechsmith's Snagit

from Techsmith.

Submit your entry here!

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