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99 Brain Blasting Cinema 4D Tutorials!

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Read Time: 11 mins

Do I have a gift for outdoing myself or what? That's right, you guys have been begging for this since the last C4D roundup....but be careful what you wish for, cuz now this megalithic, earth shatteringly gargantuan list of 99 Cinema 4D tutorials is here to end life as we know it!!. Yep...this is the biggest roundup ever to be published on CGtuts+, and it's all Cinema 4d baby!..Enjoy!!.

    Toon Drops

    Harry Frank of Graymachine shows you how to make a toony-looking droplet effect using C4D.

    Liquid Logos

    Chris Martin and Creative Cow has this tutorial for creating a fluid logo using RealFlow inside of Cinema 4D.

    Fracture Text Breaking News Open

    Broadcast designer Jason Brown over and Creative Cow shows you how to use the fracture object feature to make a simple "Breaking News" open.

    Tracking a 3D Object

    Using Syntheyes in conjunction with Cinema 4D, Chris Martin shows you how to track a 3d object onto a live action plate.

    Spooky Wall Tracking

    Chris Martin has been killing it with C4D tuts over on the COW... This one deals with tracking a hole created in Cinema 4D to a live action plate of a wall.

    C4D R11.5 MoDynamics

    MoDynamics, Mo Money, Mo Problems. Chris Martin takes a look at MoDynamics in C4D R11.5.

    MoSpline Quick Tip

    MoSpline is a dynamic way of introducing creative spline data to your scene. Ko Maruyama shows you how this works in a couple of video tutorials.

    Export Your Scenes From C4D to AE

    Here is Nick Campbell's full tutorial on exporting your scene data out of Cinema 4D to bring into After Effects for further work.

    Mograph 2 Attractor Scene File

    I know this isn't really a tutorial, but this scene file is way too awesome not to share it with you guys. After the jump you can see the video that this was based off of, and you can use the available project file to explore the Attractor in Mograph 2.

    CS Tools - Daylight 2

    Nick has another CS Tools tutorial, this time exploring the new Daylight 2 featuring realistic area shadows.

    Make a Glossy Candy Stripe Texture

    In this tutorial, Nick shows you how to make a simple glossy candy stripe texture.

    Intro to Physics & Dynamics in Mograph 2

    Nick shows you how to set up the tags properly for a simple Dynamics scene in Mograph 2. You will also learn how to cache the cloners in the scene for rendering.

    Making Abstract Shapes

    Learn how to make some easy abstract shapes using deformers and some simple textures.

    Renault Clio

    This uses an older version of C4D 8.5 but shows you how you can map decals and sponsor stickers to a car.

    Create an Apple Pro Speaker

    Learn how to design an Apple Pro Speaker with some simple steps in C4D .

    Project Overview: "Window to the Courtyard"

    This uses some of the 3D Total Textures, but shows you how to utilize different textures to make a clean and dirty version of your scene.

    Making of: "The Worm"

    Learn how Raymond O'Doul created his piece "The Worm" featured on 3DTotal.com.

    Making of "Compsognathus"

    Learn how Hugo Costa made this gorgeous little dinosaur using Corel Photo-Paint, BodyPaint, xNormal, and of course C4D.

    Making of "The Silent Man"

    Patrick Eischen of Luxembourg shows you how he created his "Portrait of a Silent Man" using C4D and Zbrush.

    Modeling a Pumpkin

    This is a two parter on creating a pumpkin by Ko Maruyama: Part 1 Part 2

    Modeling an iPod Nano

    Grisscha Theissen shows you how to model an iPod Nano within C4D in a two part tutorial over at Motionworks.com.au: Part 1 Part 2

    Explosive TV Promo Graphics

    John Dickinson models some text in C4D, and uses CS Tools' Docucam to create an organic camera movement, then brings it all into After Effects for further treatment.

    MoDynamic Cloners

    Chris Martin was up the list a little bit, but I found this as well over at his site... it's a tip on making a head using cloners and shattering it with multiple spheres.

    Syntheyes to Cinema 4D

    Another quick tip from Chris Martin on taking tracking data from Syntheyes and bringing it into Cinema 4D.

    Springy Text with Mograph

    This last one from Chris Martin uses some Mograph Effectors to create a springy text effect.

    Dynamic Modeling in C4D Using Mograph

    Learn how to make a light grid within Cinema 4D.

    Dome Lighting Using Mograph

    Learn how to use Mograph in conjunction with Global Illumination to make lighting your models easy yet awesome.

    Chrome Metal and Great Reflections

    Learn how to make an easy chrome metallic texture and some nice reflections with a sky object and HDRI.

    Intro to the Layer Shader

    This is one of the more powerful shaders in the C4D arsenal, and you are going to figure out exactly how it works.

    Incredibly Realistic Water Text

    Using Cinema 4D and Photoshop learn how to create this awesome looking water effect.

    Custom Forces with MoDynamics

    Learn how to work with custom forces with the new MoDynamics module in Cinema 4D

    Easy To Use Bend Deformer

    Learn how easy it is to use the bend deformer.

    Explosion Deformer

    Learn how to use the explosion deformer easily and effectively.

    Chess Queen Modeling

    Learn how to model a chess queen piece using only a bezier spline.

    Chess Board Modeling

    Following the queen piece, now you will learn how to model the chess board to go along with it.

    Improving Blueprints/Reference Images Using a Material

    Learn an effective way to improve the quality of your blueprints or reference imagery to get rid of the nasty blur and distortion.

    Mograph Fire

    Learn how to make fire using the Mograph Displace Deformer.

    C4D to Photoshop Exporting

    Learn how to export lights, layers, reflections and more into Photoshop.

    LCD Modeling

    Learn how easy it is to make an LCD monitor using just one cube and a few spheres.

    Basic Cable and Wire Modeling

    See how easy it is to make a wire or cable using just a spline and a circle.

    Bridge Basics

    Learn the main ways to create a bridge or fill a gap, also learn how to create a hole.

    Basic Cage Model

    Learn how to make a basic cage model using an Atom Array.

    Ring Modeling

    Really basic tutorial on how easy it is to model a wedding ring.

    Table Lamp with Loft NURBS

    Model a table lamp using the Loft NURBS.

    Quick Grass

    Quick video showing how to make grass using the Hair module in C4D.

    Bullet Modeling

    Basic tutorial on create a simple bullet model.

    Bullet Modeling Using Spline

    Another method for creating a bullet using a spline and the Lathe NURBS.

    Cloth Collision

    Learn how to work with the cloth tag and an object colliding into another object.

    Cloth Crumble

    Learn a quick method of creating a basic crumple effect.

    Tire Modeling

    Here is a simple method for modeling a car or truck tire.

    Tire Rim Modeling

    Going along with the previous tutorial, now you get to learn to model the tire rim as well!

    Mini-Jack Modeling

    Learn how to model a mini-jack for an audio cable with a few small details.

    Speaker Modeling

    Learn how to model a basic speaker.

    3D Text Shatter Effect

    Using Photoshop and C4D, Media Militia shows you how to make this awesome looking text.

    3D Graffiti Piece

    Again, using Cinema 4D along with Photoshop, you learn to make some extruded, tweaked 3D lettering.

    Create a Steam Powered Typograhic Treatment

    Learn how to make this steampunk-esque looking text treatment using Illustrator, C4D, and Photoshop.

    Creating Static Meshes

    Learn how to create a Static Mesh, texture it, and import it into UnrealEd for Unreal Tournament 2003+.

    Intro to C4D Mograph

    This is the first of a series yet to be published, but this one you will learn how to use the Cloner object and its different modes.

    Configuring Net Render

    Learn how to configure Net Render properly by going through installing, and configuring the server and client.

    Lighting in Cinema 4D

    In this three part tutorial, you will learn all there is to know about lights in Cinema 4D: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

    Mograph Tracer Object

    In this quick tutorial you will learn the basics of the tracer object in Mograph.

    Using Particles

    Learn how to use the built in particle emitters in C4D, and learn how to use the deflector, rotation, gravity, and wind objects as well.

    Using Multiple Cameras

    Learn how to use multiple cameras in your scene and switch between them with the Stage Object.

    Controlling Animation With Set Driver Set Driven

    Learn how to use a simple version of Xpresso to help control your animations and reduce the amount of keyframing.

    Mograph Spline Mask

    In this tutorial you'll learn how to combine the Mograph spline mask with the sound and delay effectors to create interesting shapes filled with clones.

    Combining C4D and AE

    Learn how to combine your projects with AE, and combining object buffers with external compositing tags and lights to use as emitters with Trapcode Particular in After Effects.

    Adding Bounce with Mograph

    Learn how to add bounce using a simple cloner object and a delay effector. You can also add some spring to these lighting fixtures.

    Lighting with Global Illumination

    Simple tutorial on showing you how to set up Global Illumination in your scene.

    Text on a Spline

    Simple tutorial showing you how to wrap text along a spline using Mograph.

    Cloth & Hair

    Rob Redman shows you how to use the cloth engine with a basic primitive object to create a scatter cushion for an architectural render. Also use the the hair module to make the fluffy fringe on the seams.

    Easy Animating with Mograph

    Use the tracer object within Mograph to easily generate and animate tendrils that follow any object.

    Exploding Text

    Learn how to make a cool looking exploding text effect in Cinema 4D.

    C4D to AE

    Learn how to use Maxon’s exchange plugin to send 3d data from cinema 4D to After Effects for easy compositing.

    Sci-fi Scene Using Mograph

    Learn how you can eliminate a ton of steps from creating models and make Mograph do the work for you.

    Grass With The Hair Module

    Use minimal effort to create some very realistic looking grass using the Hair Module.

    Using Vue Skies With C4D

    Learn some techniques on how to use Vue alongside Cinema 4D.

    Morphing With Thinking Particles

    Learn how to use Thinking Particles to create an awesome looking morphing animation.

    Multi Colored Fur

    Learn how to create a multi-colored fur material and apply it.

    Normal Maps

    Learn how to use textures and normal maps, using a normal map generator and Photoshop with Cinema 4D.

    Sub Surface Scattering

    Discover the process of using sub surface scattering in your scenes.

    Depth of Field

    Learn how to add some depth of field to your scene.

    Transparency and Alpha

    Learn how to add a decal or sticker to an object and some information about the settings in the transparency channel.

    Reflections and Global Illumination

    A quick lesson on creating realistic reflective surfaces with a bit of Global Illumination and HDRI lighting.

    Using Text and Spline Objects

    Easy lesson on how to use a text spline object with a sweep nurbs.

    Chair Modeling

    In the next few tutorials Rob Redman from Pariah takes you through building a scene, starting with modeling this chair.

    Modeling a Bath

    Use a variety of tools to build a bath tub with taps and even a towel created using the clothilde engine.

    Modeling a Sink and Cabinet

    Learn how to model the sink, cabinet, taps and mirror in this third part of the tutorial series.

    Model the Bathroom

    Learn to build a lighting rig with Mograph, and add some props and materials.

    C4D Softbox Light

    Here you will learn how to light a subject using a texture applied to the luminance channel.

    Meshflow Button

    Learn how to put a groove into a mesh by changing it's geometry.

    GI Studio Lighting

    This tutorial covers building a studio environment, rendering, and color correcting your render in Photoshop.

    Importing Illustrator Artwork

    Learn how to save your Illustrator artwork and bring it into Cinema 4D R11.

    Camera Navigation

    In this quick little tutorial you will learn about the buttons that control your camera movement.

    Object Axis Tool

    Take a quick look at the object axis tool.

    VRay for Cinema 4D

    Check out this ongoing series of tutorials on Vray for Cinema 4D.

    How to Use UV Passes in 2D

    Learn how to use UV passes in 2D compositing with a workflow of Cinema 4D and Fusion 5.

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