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82 Earth-Shattering ZBrush Tutorials

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Read Time: 8 mins

This is my most epic CGtuts+ Roundup to date! I got 82 ZBrush tutorials for all you Pixologic fanatics out there, so get ready and noobs and experts alike, cuz there is something for each and every one of you today!

    ZBrush Basics Series (30 Tutorials)

    In this HUGE 30 tutorial series, you will be able to get yourself up to speed in ZBrush.... and then you can think about tackling what is to come in the rest of this roundup.

    Making of Matrouk

    In this eleven page tutorial, Yousef Ikhreis shares his knowledge and experience through the process of making his character, Matrouk.

    Speed Sculpting a Vampire

    Watch Glauco B. Longhi (from Brazil) in his speed sculpting session where he creates this vampire head.

    Modeling of the Dinosaur

    Watch how Damir G. Martin starts with just a Z-sphere and models this entire dinosaur.

    Creating Quick Cloth

    In this short 5 minute tutorial, learn how to use a simple but powerful tool through which you can simulate a cloth.

    Worm Head

    We've got 4 videos of Johnny D'Artiste's speed sculpt of an alien type worm head.

    Modeling The Punisher

    A simple timelapse video of Valentin's modeling, texturing, and UV mapping for his character from Punisher Warzone.

    Baking ZBrush Materials to Texture Maps

    Joseph Drust, Senior Character Artist at Vicious Cycle Software, demonstrates how to bake ZBrush materials into a texture map.

    Back and Forth Between ZBrush and 3ds Max

    Learn how export/ import between ZBrush and 3ds Max to make your workflow easier.

    Making of Dream

    Be forewarned this has some mild artistic nudity. With that being said, in Alex Kashpersky's awesome 'making of' , he shows you all the steps that went into making this beautiful work of art.

    Making of the Prolapsed Eye

    Check out the steps taken by Fausto Tejeda to make this amazing sketch by Yuri Sakovich come to life.

    Normal Mapping Workflow

    Check out these 11 tutorials from Pixologic themselves on effectively using normal maps in your workflow.

    Amphibious Man Speed Sculpt

    Watch an awesome 4 part speed sculpt from Jesse Sandifer to create a wierd toad-man type of creature.

    Speed Sculpting the Monster

    Check out the 9 video long speed sculpt of this monster character from Glauco B. Longhi.


    Learn almost everything there is to know about using the ZSpheres subtool in ZBrush, through watching these 10 tutorials made by Pixologic themselves.

    Character Design and Development

    Another huge tutorial set, these 7 tutorials come from Cesar Dacol Jr., as he demonstrates that ZBrush is not just for characters, but you can actually use it for other things....like environments (go figure).

    Making of Warlord

    Check out the amazing work done on this character from Darukin, which is simply called 'Warlord'.

    Model a Head

    Check out this cool tutorial on modeling a head in ZBrush.

    Building a Character with Polyspheres

    Learn how to create a character using polyspheres and the new polymesh feature.

    Beast Horn

    This tutorial will teach you how to build a beast horn using Maya and detail it in ZBrush.

    Fiber Brush Settings

    Learn how to use fiber brushes on models inside of ZBrush.

    Using Fog and GDI

    Learn how to use fog and GDI within ZBrush.

    Making of Master of the Bottle

    Watch Khalid Abdulla Al-Muharraqi create his concept of 'Master of the Bottle' from start to finish.

    Deforming the Head

    This tutorial shows you how to deform a head model in ZBrush, and also how to import/ export files to and from Maya.

    Modeling The Beast

    Watch this 2 part tutorial on modeling X-Men's The Beast.

    The Detective

    Check out this awesome rundown on how Suraagh Rasaan created 'The Detective' by modeling, rendering, and texturing in ZBrush.


    This thread over at ZBrushCentral by Sebcesoir has a 4 part tutorial on how he created the Terminator.

    Dino Dragon

    Here is a small tutorial explaining the way to create this Dino Dragon, going from Zspheres to high resolution mesh.

    Ears For Beginners

    A small tutorial for ZBrush beginners that will teach you how to create the simple subject of the ear.

    Layer Palette Explained

    This tutorial explains how to use the Layer palette. Document depth and various layer controls are explored. Note: You must be logged into TheGnomonWorkshop.com to access this, and all the other Gnomon tutorials.

    Color Palette Explained

    This tutorial covers the various controls in the Color palette. Also check out the modifiers and how you can alter your ZBrush interface.

    Document Palette Explained

    This tutorial shows you how to modify your ZBrush document palette (the palette that controls the space you sculpt in).

    Alpha Palette Explained

    This tutorial explores the Alpha Palette button by button, and provides a context for each feature. You will cover how to make 3D stencils, create your own alphas, crop & fill, mid-value alpha curve, and more.

    Sculpting a Zombie Face

    Learn how to sculpt a Zombie face in the 'Quick Sculpting', 'Detail Sculpting', and 'Teeth' sections.Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

    ZBrush to Maya With Decimation Master

    An overview of the new ZBrush to Maya/ Max/ XSI rendering pipleine, using the Decimation Master plugin from Pixologic.

    Sculpting Feathers Using Slash 2 ZBrush

    An awesome tutorial using the Slash 2 brush to create feathers.

    Creating a Turntable Movie

    Quick tutorial on using ZBrush's turntable option and getting the best compression out of it.

    Creating Alphas for Clothing Seams

    Create your own custom alpha for sculpting clothing seams using Photoshop and ZBrush.

    Sculpting Boot Straps and Fabric Wraps

    In this quick 12 minute tutorial you will learn at least one way that you can sculpt boot straps on a character.

    How To Create A Character Sheet

    Learn how to create a character sheet using ZBrush's ZAppLink and Photoshop.

    Modeling Wolverine

    Watch this 5 part tutorial on modeling the X-Men character, Wolverine. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

    Mudbox to ZBrush Transfer

    This tutorial shows you how to transfer high poly objects made in Mudbox to Zbrush and keep all subdivisions.

    Topology Tools

    Create a basic helmet using a head model with the new ZBrush 3 Topology Tools.

    Making of Manolia

    Watch this cool tutorial on reproducing lighting on a subject created in ZBrush.

    Creating a Vase

    Use radial symmetry to construct the overall shape, then use mesh extraction to cut the hole, and finally use the ZProject brush for the rest.

    Mesh Extraction

    Learn how to create new geometry from the existing geometry using the mesh extraction.

    Making of Assassin

    Watch how Plamen Iliev explains the process of creating his character 'The Assassin'. Note: Contains mild artistic nudity.

    No More Wine

    Watch Simon Blanc's making of 'No More Wine', as he creates his base character from ZSpheres, and then continues to sculpt and paint the rest.

    Architectural Techniques Using Projection Master

    These videos cover a couple techniques on how to create architectural sculptures using master projection in ZBrush.

    Making a Sword

    Watch this six part tutorial from Pixologic on how to make a sword in ZBrush.


    Learn how to use the Transpose tool in ZBrush.

    Strokes and Alphas

    There are three tutorials in this series: "Strokes and Alphas", "Creating a Custom Alphas Horn", and "Creating a Custom Alphas Zipper.

    Specular Map Painting

    Check out this small tutorial on visualizing specular values on a ZBrush mesh.

    ZBrush Masking

    Learn how to use the masking tool in ZBrush.


    There are two tutorials for this creation: Sculpting the Face Anatomy & Anatomy of the Arm & Shoulder

    Sculpting Hair

    Learn a bunch of techniques on how to sculpt hair.

    Bird of Prey

    Watch Joe Lee's process as he creates his piece 'Bird of Prey'.

    High Frequency Skin Detailing & Sculpting

    These tutorials will show you some fast and easy ways to add some very complex looking details to a 3d model.

    Another Making Of Wolverine

    Learn how to create another version of Wolverine, this time from Vikram V.

    Making The Captain

    Watch Stepan Grakov's making of 'The Captain', one of his most spectacular works.

    Modo & ZBrush

    Learn how to create a displacement map using a Modo and ZBrush workflow.

    Old Man

    Learn how to create this Old Man using Blender, ZBrush, and Photoshop.

    The Making of Birth

    Go step by step to create the entire scene of 'Birth' from scratch.

    Mesh Insert Grotesque

    Take a look at the MeshInsert Brush and turn this Demo Soldier into a mutant.

    MatCap Skull

    Learn how to use the Material Capture function.

    Rendering With ZBrush and Photoshop

    Check out this tutorial on getting amazing renders using ZBrush and Photoshop.

    UV Mapping

    Check out this great tutorial, from Ken Brilliant, on UV Mapping in ZBrush.

    Simple Octopus

    Learn how to make an easy octopus in ZBrush from ZSpheres.

    Jason Welsh Tutorial Set

    Lastly, Jason Welsh has a big set of ZBrush tutorials over at 3DTotal.com (more for the noob to intermediate level).

    Interface & Navigation

    Sculpting the Human Skull

    Setting Up Image Planes


    Using Blender to Create Clean UVs

    Topology Tools

    Exploring Brushes and Alphas

    Explaining UVs

    ZBrush & Blender - Using Blender

    ZBrush & Blender - Mapping

    ZBrush & Maya - Mapping Tecniques

    ZBrush & Maya - Lighting in Maya

    Zbrush, Blender & Maya - Sub Scattering of Particles

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