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82 CG Superheros, Villains, and Iconic Movie and Video Game Characters

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Everyone must be in need of some sort of escape from the real world, because while searching through the net I found a wide range of amazing works based on movie and video game characters, as well as comic book superheros and villains! Some of these are better than I could have imagined, and some push the characters' attitudes and looks in directions you would have never imagined! Absolutely brilliant!!

Ryan Lim - W.O.G. Spawn

Juan Jose Palomo - Yoda

Alex Oliver - Wolverine

Andre Holzmeister - Venom

Jeremy Roberts - Captain Jack Sparrow

Jeremy Roberts - Brandon Routh as Superman

Jeremy Roberts - Spiderman 3

Jeremy Roberts - Voltron

Cyril Verrier - Cyclops

Damir G. Martin - HULK

Jonas Thornqvist - Hulk

Jonas Thornqvist - Untitled

Robin Benes - Jack The Ripper

Harsh Borah - The Joker

Harsh Borah - Beast from Xmen 3

Pierre Bourgeot - W.I.P. Wolverine

Pierre Bourgeot - Street Fighter: Ryu

Fabricio Moraes - Rocketeer

Max Wahyudi - The Magic Trick

Carsten Holtmann - Eastwood

Ian Joyner - Wolverine: Game Model

Ian Joyner - Spider-Man

Ian Joyner - Hulk

Ian Joyner - Night Crawler

Ian Joyner - Thanos Bust

Ian Joyner - Spider-Man : Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Ian Joyner - Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Jason Findley - Hellboy

Damien Canderle - Hulk

Fabio Bautista - The Big Red Guy

Adjin Barucija - Scarlet Spider Rig & Render

Mariano Steiner - The Almighty Thor

Mariano Steiner - Vegeta

Barringer Fox III Wingard - Phoenix

Barringer Fox III Wingard - Rapheal VS. Bebop

Barringer Fox III Wingard - Classic Superman

Barringer Fox III Wingard - StormShadow VS SnakeEyes

Olivier Couston - Ironman Statue

Rebeca Puebla - Dark Phoenix

Mashru Mishu - Big Red

Anto Juricic - Hulk

Chih-Han Hsu - Battle of the Planets: Tiny

Jonathan Clark - Green Lantern

Jonathan Clark - My Tribune to Wolverine

Jeff Miller - Cobra Commander

Jeff Miller - Pixologic Superhero

Jeff Miller - Pixologic Superhero #2

Alessandro Baldasseroni - Halowars

>Alessandro Baldasseroni - Character

Sven Juhlin - Juggernaut

Sven Juhlin - Captain America

Sanket Tanak - Captain America

Siamek Roshani - The Hulk

Nikita Volobuev - Ninja Turtle

Diego Romo - Sauron, The Lord of the Ring

Diego Romo - Dr. Doom

Diego Romo - Dr Zaius

Marc Tan - Gotham By Gaslight

Olivier Couston - Inflatable Polygons

Olivier Couston - Donatello

Olivier Couston - Untitled

Goktug Gurellier - Portrait of Hellboy

Philip Herman - Daredevil VS Kingpin

Belal Saeed - Wolverine

Andrea Bertaccini - Agent Smith

Mashru Mishu - Big Red

Samar Vijay - Wolverine

Diego Maia - ULTIMATES - Captain America

Jonathan Clark - Na'vi Woman

Anto Juricic - Yoda WIP

Grant Warwick - Iron Man

Grant Warwick - Mortal Kombat - 'Smoke'

David Munoz Velazquez - Christopher Reeves / Superman

Bruno Melo - Comicon Challenger 2009 - Green Goblin Beauty Shot

Kolby Jukes - DC Direct 1:2 Scale Joker Bust

Norman Schaar - Darth Maul Cyborg

Krishnamurti Costa - Man of Steel

Farrukh Abdur - Iron Man

Ryan Stephens - Iron Man

Jason Mark - The Dark Knight Triumphant

Rodrigue Pralier - Superman

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