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70 Fonts for Just $29!


Envato Bundles has just launched the massive Indie Font Bundle. It features over 70 handcrafted fonts from 36 independent authors. It's valued at over $1,300, but you can grab it today for just $29! That's a saving of over 97%. Hurry, because this offer is strictly limited and only on sale until the 18th of May.

A Few of Our Favorite Fonts


Againts font

Inspired by ink, tints and brush strokes, Againts is a naturally messy font. With alternating glyphs in some characters and extra ligature, it's easily manipulated to suit your design project. 


Optotypo was inspired by the eye charts used in ophthalmology to determine eyesight capacity. It features almost 400 glyphs including symbols, ligatures and alternative glyphs, and it also contains the open type Latin pro character set. 


Wonderwall font

Wonderwall was born from handcrafted typography and transparent watercolor paint. The result is a set of irregularly beautiful characters that harmonize together perfectly. Use the different ligatures to create something truly unique.


Falco font

Falco is a clean, vintage, sans serif typeface. It has four styles: Black, Black inline, Black outline, and Black inline negative. This font loves to stand out in a crowd, so it looks great on headlines, in your T-shirt design, or overlaid on posters.

These are just a few of the 70+ fonts on offer. So don't miss out on your chance to create an epic font library for just $29.

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