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7 Must Read After Effects Blogs

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No matter what level you're at with your After Effects work, it's always a good idea to keep up with industry leading blogs. So to get your feed reader started, I asked our VideoHive blogger Michael Capitelli to put together 6 great sites, plus I've added a summary of Michael's own Inside the Hive blog, which makes 7 Must Read After Effects blogs.

1. Inside The Hive

The VideoHive blog is home to outstanding blogger Michael Capitelli who runs down daily posts on a variety of topics related to motion graphics, After Effects and production.

4 Must Read Posts:

2. Steve Kilisky's Dynamic Media Blog

Straight from the horse's mouth, this is the blog run by Steve Kilisky, Senior Product Manager for Adobe After Effects. It's updated sporadically, but I figure the guy's kinda busy. I think this intro from his post on February 27, 2007 sums up the blog better than I ever could:

"For the last 10 years I've lived, breathed, and outfitted my wardrobe with After Effects. Some might say After Effects is more than just a software tool and that it is a drug (FXTC),a cult, or a religion; for me its been a way of life. This is one of the reasons I created this blog."

3 Must Read Posts:

3. Pro Video Coalition

Pro Video Coalition is like the super group of video blogs, combining the work of Adam Wilt's Camera Log, Mark Christiansen's Production Values, Mike Curtis's HD for Indies, Steve Hullfish's CUT.N.COLOR, Chris & Trish Meyer's Creating Motion Graphics, and many more top notch blogs and a team of contributors. Chances are, if you're like me, you've probably learned from Chris & Trish in their "Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects" series, so following this blog for their posts alone makes it a worthwhile read. If only Chris Cornell were there to play lead guitar...

3 Must Read Posts:

4. General Specialist

All things After Effects from Swedish designer Jonas Hummelstrand. Jonas does a great job here keeping you updated on the latest adobe patches, working with the RED camera, codec comparisons, and a little bit of D.I.Y.

3 Must Read Posts:

5. Redefinery

Jeff Almasol, Quality Engineer on the After Effects team also engineers up the redefinery, an After Effects script library, with scripts free for you to download. This is the same guy behind the scripts featured in the Mark Christiansen books. He also takes requests, so if you had something in mind, feel free to ask.

3 Must Read Posts:

6. Motionographer

Industry-standard Motionographer is like the "Who's Who's" of motion graphic design. Featuring articles, samples, reels, and more, you can catch up on what your peers are doing and envy in some of the awesome talent that is out there.

3 Must Read Posts:

7. Video CoPilot

Andrew hosts the very popular Video CoPilot Show featuring tutorials of Hollywood-style effects with After Effects. The companion blog talks about those tutorials (naturally) but also contains a wealth of knowledge about video and After Effects in general, as well as chronicles his proverbial rise to the AE Guru hall of fame.

3 Must Read Posts:

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