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66 Sinister CG Monsters

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We've already done roundups on Superheroes, so I thought it was time that we flipped the coin and unleashed a hoard of deliciously terrifying monsters into the mix! This time I've gathered together a list of 66 horrific creatures so meticulously crafted that the beauty of their workmanship even manages to overshadow their gruesome appearances.

NOTE: Some images might be NSFW

Pierre Bourgeot - Vlassic

Balázs Pápay - Guardian

Albert Feliu Gomis - Faves - Demon Abomination

Pablo Vicentin - The Hellmaker

Cheong Hoe Yi - BoB Alien

Cheong Hoe Yi - Gzhopper-Man

Cheong Hoe Yi - Roundeye Dragon

Cheong Hoe Yi - Wolf-man

Mariano Steiner - Boo!!

Mariano Steiner - Skinny Alien

Xiaoyu Wang - Pigsy

Damien Canderle - Gremlins

Damien Canderle - Le Neunoeil

Damien Canderle - We Are Not Alone 2

Anto Juricic - Frankenstein

Pawe; Brudniak - Fortress of Brugorth

Balazs Kiss - Goblin

Balazs Kiss - Orc

Marcin Klicki - Glutojad

Marcin Klicki - Jezyczek

Ian Joyner - Hellgate: Fiend Savage

Michal Suchanek - Mountain Patrol

NSFW Dmitry Kuzznetsov - Mongrel Girl

Jonathan Clark - Red Skull In His Trophy Room

NSFW Jonathan Roméo - Darkness Sulfure

Jeff Miller - Brute Chieftain #2

Alessandro Baldasseroni - Chaos

Sven Juhlin - Hammerhead

Sven Juhlin - Yeti

Sven Juhlin - Goblin

Sven Juhlin - Red Skull/a>

Eoin Rogan - Mean Machine Angel Portrait

Ahmed AL Barazengi - The Gangster

Ryan Dunne - Revenge of the Octopus

Ryan Dunne - Adaptation of the Malesquis

Ryan Dunne - Tako no Fukushuu / Revenge of the Octopus

John Kearney - The Fallen

John Kearney - Hunt of the Malesquis

Meats Meier - Praying Devil, Meats

Fred Bastide - The Chase

Fred Bastide - My Uncle Cthulhu

Marc Tan - The Vampyre

Philip Herman - Corak the Hunter

Chris Nichols - Cthulhu

Chris Nichols - Beast of Burden

Chris Nichols - The Gunslinger

Jason Findley - Crabman Shot01

Harsh Borah - Alien Queen

Guohua Xing - Dark Dancer

Guohua Xing - Orc Warrior

Guohua Xing - S-1214

Carl-Mikael Lagnecrantz - A Storm is Coming...

Carl-Mikael Lagnecrantz - Ring Of Many Connections, Rivendale

Sebastien Sonet - Mutant

Sebastien Sonet - Tortured Souls

Jan Jinda - Conall, The Werewolf

Pascal Raimbault - Wired Prisoners

Damir G. Martin - DinoMonsters, New Breed of Superheroes

Damir G. Martin - Biggest Smile in Galaxy

Marco Menco - Labirinth : the Homeless Minotaur

Ruben Darío Karamañites Arango - Tarantula Sorcerer

Krishnamurti Costa - Vampire

Krishnamurti Costa - Pumpkinhead - Stan Winston Tribute HMC 16

Krishnamurti Costa - Bio-Mechanic Allegory

Per Haagensen - The Avatar of the Great Enemy

Per Haagensen - High-Captain of Angband

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