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66 Outstanding Lightwave Tutorials

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Heads up people, we got a huge roundup today. So big in fact, that it took me two whole weeks to get this one done. That's right, I've gathered up 66 of the very best Lightwave tutorials form around the net for your viewing pleasure. So grab a box of poptarts, and a case of cola, cuz're gonna be here a while.

    Making of Moria Orc

    Watch the modeling of the head of a Moria Orc from Lord of the Rings.

    Making of The Patient

    Check out the working practices and techniques of "Ten24" to create The Patient.

    Making of The Arrival

    Watch the creation of The Arrival using Lightwave, Fprime, and Maxwell Render.

    Realistic Lighting Rig

    Learn how to create a lighting rig that will simulate real life daytime lighting conditions.

    Creating Lightsabers

    Make lightsabers within Lightwave...with some help from After Effects.

    Modeling a Soccer Ball

    Learn how to model a basic low and high poly soccer ball.

    Basic Modeling Walkthrough

    In this huge 25 part tutorial you will learn many modeling techniques as you create a detailed portrait bust.

    Les Paul Guitar

    Learn how to model and texture a Les Paul Standard in Lightwave.

    Advanced Glass Surfacing

    Using the gradient function, "thickness", and HDRI as reflection/ refraction environments, create a realistic looking glass surface texture.

    Character Rigging

    This is a beginner level character rigging tutorial, in which you will learn to draw skeletons with attention to smooth deformations.

    Hypervoxels 2.0

    Explore the various functions of Hypervoxels 2.0.

    Cartoon Elephant

    In this two part tutorial, you will learn how to model a cartoon elephant from reference skethches.

    Chromatic Aberration

    Learn how to create chromatic aberration on an image using HDRIs.

    Simple Clouds

    Learn some simple parameters for making realistic clouds.

    Complete Character Modeling Series

    With 58 parts and over 80 pages of courseware, this free series will get you up to speed on Character Modeling in no time...well, as long as it takes to go through 58 parts anyways.

    Compositing with Lightwave

    Learn some compositing techniques to use within Lightwave.

    Corrective Morphing

    This tutorial will teach how to quickly and easily use Endomorphs to correct skin weighting.

    Create An Army of Running Bipeds

    Learn how create a group of animated biped characters that will carry out a linear movement on a flat plane.

    Subpatch Modeling

    Use supbatch modeling to model a character while using the "from down" technique.

    Jack Daniels Bottle

    Learn how to model, surface, and light a Jack Daniel's bottle in this awesome tutorial by Philip Meyer.

    Making of i.2k3

    Check out this interview with Pascal Beeckmans about his work on i.2k3, and then watch his workflow in creating this awesome piece of art.

    Realistic Surfacing: Specular Highlights

    Create photorealistic specular highlights for porcelain, glass, metal, and other hard and smooth surfaces.

    Import Biped Animation From 3ds Max to Lightwave

    Learn how to export and import animations from 3ds Max's CharacterStudio using the FBX format.

    Talking Heads

    Read about the basics of making talking head animations for use in games or movies.

    Simple Marching Army

    Make a huge marching army animation with 100 moving figures, using only 2 morph targets.

    MD3 Rigging and Export

    Here are some tutorials for character setup and export to MD3 Format.

    Pose to Pose Animation

    This is an article on how to make pose to pose animations with organized keyframing. Here's another tutorial on "Taking it to the Next Level".

    The Zen of Lead and Follow

    Check out this article/ tutorial on the context of animating forces instead of forms.

    Poser Figures to Lightwave

    Learn how to get Poser figure files into Lightwave for compositing and animation.

    Ringed Planets

    Make some cool looking ringed planets using spheres, disks, and image based texture maps.

    Tumbling Objects

    Learn how to make objects have a gentle tumbling roll.

    UV Texture Mapping a Head

    Learn how to UV texture map a head

    Creating a Winter Landscape

    Create an awesome looking winter landscape with only a basic knowledge of how Lightwave works.

    Dinosaur Modeling

    Learn how to model a dinosaur from reference.

    Space Explosion

    Combine hypervoxels, procedural textures, particle systems, volumetric lights and lens flares, to make an awesome space explosion scene.

    Dynamics in Lightwave

    Learn about the basics of dynamics inside of Lightwave with Mike Pauza.

    Transport Ship Modeling

    Model a transport ship in Lightwave in this huge 5 part tutorial with Larry Shultz. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

    Growing a Vine

    Learn how to dynamically grow a vine.

    Abstract Art

    In this huge 6 part tutorial, Tim Dunn (from KURV Studios) teaches you how to create some abstract art. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

    Lightwave + Vue

    Here are two tutorials that integrate Lightwave with Vue: Lightwave/Vue Data Exchange and Lightwave/Vue Surfaces.

    IK Booster Free Training Series

    These 11 sessions were made to show you what IK Booster, a free tool in Lightwave, can do for you. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11

    Light Array

    Learn how to create interesting lighting effects with LightArray.

    Making Fireworks

    Learn how to make fireworks in Lightwave in this 3 part tutorial: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

    Create a GSM Phone

    Model and render a Sony Ericsson T610.

    Create a Glass Bowl

    Model and texture a glass bowl.

    HDRI in Lightwave

    Learn how to use HDRI effectively in Lightwave.

    IK Chaining and Animating a Fish

    Learn how to set up the IK chain and animation for a fish.

    My Son Marcus

    Watch Benoit Patterlini's project overview of modeling his son, along with some interesting attire.

    Ocean Scene

    Create a stormy ocean using displacement maps, surfacing, animation via control nulls, texturing, and fog.

    Bevel a Coffee Mug

    For beginners, this tut will show you how to use the bevel tool, knife tool, and the smoothshift tool on a real world example.

    UV Mapping a Tobasco Box

    Get some hands on basic UV mapping instruction...with the help of endomorph.

    Red Peppers

    Learn a simple medthod of modeling and texturing some red peppers.

    Normal Mapping

    Another one for the beginners...but this tut is on normal mapping.

    Making Eyes

    Model, UV, and texture some eyes, in this huge 5 part tutorial.

    Desert Scene

    Learn how to make a simple desert scene.

    Working With the Hair System

    Learn to work with hair and fiber in Lightwave.

    The Box Car

    Watch Chris Jennings' workflow, as he creates The Box Car.

    Making of SimTech MTS.Arach

    Follow the making of this insane robot looking creature from Dave Wilson.

    Nature of Man

    Check out this project overview, with the modeling done in Lightwave, and the rest done in Photoshop and FPrime.

    Modeling a 350-Z

    Look at this huge 25 page tutorial on modeling a Nissan 350-Z, for artists of a beginner to intermediate skill level.

    Animated Snow Trails

    Learn a technique to create displaced trails in the snow.

    Integrating 2D and 3D Objects/Environments

    Just like the title says, you will be integrating 3D objects into 2D environments within Lightwave.

    Making of Left Behind

    Using Lightwave and Photoshop, follow Roman Kessler through his process in creating Left Behind.

    Making of All Road

    Watch Neil MacCormack's process in creating this futuristic off-road/all-road vehicle.

    Procedural Texturing with Weight Maps

    Through the creation of a large anvil, this tutorial attempts to show some techniques used to create realistic surfaces.

    Modeling a WOW Orc

    In Eric Williams' first tutorial, he teaches you how to model and texture a World of Warcraft Orc.

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