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64 Mold-Breaking 3ds Max Tutorials


Ahh... the third round two article in a row! I just keep outdoing myself don't I? This week I have 65 jam-packed tutorials and making of's for you guys to check out and waste your day away! Just don't let your boss catch you immersed in this packed-to-the-brim article!

    Organic 3D Modeling

    In this huge tutorial series posted over at CGIndia, Eric Maslowki teaches you how to create a realistic head in 3ds Max.

    Studio Lighting with VRay

    Learn how to set up studio lighting for rendering with VRay.

    Making of "Galaxy Explorer"

    Check out the making of Aamir Khan's "Galaxy Explorer" work.

    Modeling a Car Rim

    CG artist Travis Williams teaches you how to model a car rim.

    Making of "A Morning In Province"

    Check out this making of for Julien Chiari's "A Morning In Province" work.

    Making of "MayBach 57"

    Watch how this amazing 3D model was created and rendered to make it look as realistic as possible.

    Digital Radio Modeling

    Jamshaid shows you how to simply and easily model a 3d digital radio using basic techniques.

    Dosch 3D Human in 3ds Max

    The Dosch 3D site has a few tutorials on using their Humans product: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

    15 Tips & Tricks in 3ds Max

    Here is a handy list of 15 tips and tricks that you can use when assembling and working on projects.

    Feather Simulations with Max Hair System created an extensive look at the Hair system in 3ds Max while creating some turkey and chicken feather simulations.

    3D Tree Materials - Leaves

    Learn how to make leaf materials for a Sugar Maple tree in autumn.

    Vray Edge Fillet

    Learn how to add realism by making the edges of this table thicker using Vray Edge Fillet techniques.

    Vray Dirt Materials

    Check out this quick tutorial on adding dirt to materials to make things look older and weathered.

    Vray Grass

    In this two part tutorial learn how to create a field of grass using Vray proxy objects and the VrayScatter plugin. Part 1 Part 2

    Studio Lighting with Mental Ray

    Chad Smashley shows you an interesting way to achieve studio lighting in 3ds Max with Mental Ray.

    RealFlow and 3ds Max

    Learn how to fill 3d text with fluid in Realflow and 3ds Max9.

    Curtains Wth 3ds Max Cloth

    Learn how to make curtains with 3ds Max Cloth from

    Folded Blanket with 3ds Max Cloth

    Learn how to make a folded blanket on a bed with 3ds Max Cloth.

    Comforter with 3ds Max Cloth

    Learn how to make a comforter blanket on a bed with 3ds Max Cloth.

    Towels using Max Cloth

    In this two part tutorial, you will learn to set up, light, and render a towel using 3ds Max Cloth. Part 1 Part 2

    Inorganic Modeling Fundamentals

    Grant Warwick takes you through the tools, techniques and understandings of achieving various inorganic modeling forms. Note: You must be logged into The Area to access this. Part 1 Part 2

    Particle Dispersion

    Allan McKay shows you how to set up a cool particle dispersion animation using Particle Flow.

    Making of "Little Boy"

    This is a fantastic making of, by Pedro Conti, on his project "Little Boy." Note: You must be logged into The Area to access this.

    "Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Highway"

    Stanislav Klabik shows you how he made Clint Eastwood's character from Heartbreak Ridge using 3ds Max. Note: You must be logged into The Area to access this.

    Making of "Brastemp Hippopotamus"

    Another amazing piece of work by Pedro Conti, this time a walkthrough of how to make his "Brastemp Hippopotamus." Note: You must be logged into The Area to access this.

    Making of "Batman Statue"

    Stanislav Klabik shows you how to create this awesome Batman Statue by using reference imagery from the Mr. Olympia competition in 1998. Note: You must be logged into The Area to access this.

    Bendy Limbs

    This tutorial goes through how to create bendy rigs in 3ds Max, to make things such as cartoony arms or legs. Note: You must be logged into The Area to access this.

    Create Grass and Vray for Flat Grounds

    Olivie Charbonneau shows you how to create some grass in 3ds Max, and also how to use Vray for flat grounds.

    Making of "Three Seasons and Night"

    Marcin Lusnia shows you how he uses 3ds Max and Vray to create this work, and how to set up the environment to create a realistic winter climate.

    Making an Interior Scene

    Learn how to create a simple interior scene based on a photo.

    Making of Snow

    Andy Zimirski shows you an easy way to create snow in 3ds Max using a simple particle system.

    Using Pelt Mapping

    Learn how to use pelt mapping techniques to get your textures to wrap the correct way on your models.

    Normal Maps

    Learn how to bake, create, and correct normal maps with Waniek Rafal.

    Realistic Bump Maps

    Learn an effective and simple way to create correct bump maps for a textile material.

    Creating Leather Textures

    Learn an easy way to create a leather material in 3ds Max and Vray.

    Red Vertex Foliage

    Learn how to setup this scene and how it was rendered correctly.

    Self Illuminated Objects

    Learn how to create a self emitting lamp in 3ds Max.

    Water Fountain

    Learn how create a waterfall animation using a simple particle system.

    Particles (GLU3D)

    Learn how to setup particles and their systems to create the image above.

    Making of "Rotunda"

    Check out this awesome making of Viktor Fretyan's "Rotunda". Seriously, click to see the full version...its amazing.

    Making of "Spider"

    Watch the steps that Andrew Averkin took to create his work "Spider."

    Making of "Hall"

    Hernan Landolfo shows you how he made this phenomenal looking interior scene.

    Making of "Hell Yeah!"

    Vaclav Krivanek shows you how he made this devilishly awesome piece of work.

    Making of "The Death of a Bird"

    Learn how Rami Hamid created this eerie piece of work that just started out as a modeling experiment of a birdcage.

    Making of "Ibanez RG"

    Alexander Nadein walks us through the steps he took to create this great piece of music equipment.

    Creating Waterfalls

    Learn some handy techniques from Ronel Pabico on creating waterfalls for your scene.

    Model a Samsung 950B Monitor

    Learn how to model a flat panel monitor inside of 3ds Max and Vray.

    Making of "Nissan 350 Z"

    Bonar Siregar shows you how he created this killer looking Nissan 350Z model in 3ds Max.

    Create a Retro Rainbow Waterfall

    Using Particle Flow in 3ds Max, create an awesome looking 3D retro rainbow waterfall.

    Create a Scary Halloween Card

    Not really scary, but whatever... this tutorial teaches you how to model a pumpkin and put together a Halloween card.

    Create a 3d Magic Illustration

    Use some really simple functions in 3ds Max to create this cool looking magic hat illustration.

    Create a 3d Sci-Fi Tunnel

    In this tutorial, create a sci-fi tunnel in 3ds Max, and then finish off the animation with After Effects.

    Create a Beautiful 3d Text Effect

    Learn how to make some basic 3d text and combine that with a glossy rendering and a simple background to make an elegant composition.

    Awesome 3d Future City

    In this two part tutorial, learn how to create a sweet looking 3d future city. Part 1 Part 2

    Create Realistic Sails

    Learn how to simulate a blowing wind using the reactor engine in 3ds Max.

    Reactor Toy Car

    Take a look at reactor, make a collision animation, and make it look like a car is kicking up sparks.

    Fluid Dress with Glu Baker

    Learn how to make a dress animation emit particles with the consistency of water or glue.

    Making Shapes of Wires

    Learn how to wrap wires around this case a face.

    Making Random Wires with Pflow

    Ahmeed Sheeraz shows you how to create random wires using Particle Flow inside of 3ds Max.

    Vray Grass

    Going a little further with Peter Guthrie's earlier tutorial, this one shows you some more ways to make realistic grass.

    Clay Renders for Beginners

    Chris Delmore demonstrates a method used to create a clay render of any scene in 3ds Max.

    Making of "Ravine"

    Check out the steps that Maciek Sikora took to create the scene "Ravin".

    Making of "The Tunnel"

    This is one of those Total Textures articles, but still pretty rad. Check out how Henry Bonamigo created "The Tunnel."

    Making of "Steam Traveler"

    Andrew Averkin walks you through how to model this awesome looking train, as well as texture and render it.

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