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50 Mind Blowing Maya Tutorials

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True to form, and as promised, I have gone and prepared a variable feast of delicious Maya morsels for all you starving Maya users out there. The table is set and the plates are what are you waiting for...dig in!

    Creative Cow - Creating a Logo

    Model a logo from vector artwork. Part 1 Part 2.

    How to Rig a Computer Mouse

    Learn how to create bones, ik handles, rig controls, and paint weights. Also learn how to use some MEL scripts.

    Creating a Realistic Light Lamp

    Create a believable lamplight by using multiple lights to achieve the final effect.

    Creating Realistic Candle Flames

    Make realistic candle flames by using different shaders and multiple point lights.

    Paint Effects - Modifier

    Explore how to use the modifiers with paint effects.

    Paint Effects - Select By Name

    This video will walk you through selecting by name with paint effects.

    Paint Effects - Share One Brush

    This video will walk you through Paint Effects - Sharing one Brush.

    Modeling, Texturing, and Rendering a Believable Eye

    Model, texture, and render eyeballs. Note: You must have an account, so fill in the form that pops up, confirm your account, and click the link again to access the tutorial page. Existing Gnomon users can login here: Login. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4.

    Controlling Fog Density

    Learn how to control Fog Density and use it to create certain effects for your scenes. Note: This is a Gnomon tutorial, and uses the same accessibility method as above.

    Realistic Candle Flames with Shaders

    Another candle flame tutorial, but with a different approach to achieve amazing results. Note: This is a Gnomon tutorial, and uses the same accessibility method as above.

    Particle Emission When Objects Collide

    Use dynamics to make particles emit from objects or surfaces when they collide with each other. Note: This is a Gnomon tutorial, and uses the same accessibility method as above.

    Arm Set-Up with IK/FK

    Rig an arm with IK/FK rigging. Note: This is a Gnomon tutorial, and uses the same accessibility method as above.

    Irradiance Particles in Mental Ray

    Learn to work with Irradiance Particles and lower your render times while balancing out the render quality of your image using custom techniques and settings.

    Sub Scattering of Particles

    Use sub scattering of particles, or set up lights that are sufficient enough to shine through flesh or other objects.

    UV Mapping Techniques and Workflow

    Learn some handy UV mapping techniques from Semir Saleh.

    UV Sets in Maya

    Some great techniques on how to create UV Sets.

    Creating Realistic Glass

    Explore how to create realistic looking glass with 3 different materials.

    Next Gen Vehicle Creation

    Check out the making of this awesome next-gen vehicle, including high and low res modeling, UV layout, and texture creation and baking.

    Building for Speed

    Learn some techniques to speed up your modeling workflow.

    UV Enhancements: Unwrapping a Head

    In this video we take a look at Maya 2009's UV enhancement features, and how they can help to unwrap the UVs on a human head.

    Understanding Level of Detail Groups

    This video covers how to create LOD (Level of Detail) groups inside of Maya.

    Easy Normal Map Creation

    This video examines how we can easily export a normal map from high poly geometry using Maya 2009's new render pass features.

    Face Modeling

    Instructor Ryan Kittleson shows us how he polygon models the face in this step by step tutorial.

    Creating a Stormy Ocean

    Learn how to create an ocean surface, set the stormy ocean characteristics, add a camera and fog, and then render the whole scene.

    Create a Spaceship Fleet using Particle Instancing

    Bogdan Amidzic shows you how to use the particle instancer to create a fleet of spaceships flying across the planes.

    Creating an Old Farm

    Learn how to model, texture, and render a realistic looking farmhouse property.

    Modeling a Sunbathing American Alligator

    Model a highly realistic sunbathing American Alligator.

    Human Anatomy UV Coordinates Setup for Texturing

    Learn how to create your UV texture maps correctly so they don't blur or stretch.

    Making of Varga

    See how this amazing piece of art was created using reference artwork, normal mapping, and a lot of time.

    Creating and Modeling a Character - Mad Eye Moody

    If you like Harry Potter, you will like this. Even though it looks nothing like Mad Eye, the tutorial takes you through modeling and rigging a head.

    Box Modeling the Male Body

    Learn how to model a full male body from the starting point of a box.

    Head Poly Modeling Tutorial

    Learn how to poly model a monster head.

    Making of Cheese Platter

    Using lots of reference images, learn how Hau Ming created an awesome still life 3D render.

    Texture Maps NURBS Dragon

    Learn how to 3D paint texture maps onto a NURBS dragon model.

    Making of Trapped

    Recreate a picture of a parrot biting at its cage by modeling it in 3d.

    Object Spreading Methods

    Learn how to paint an object onto a surface, use a map driven spreading method, and use a particle instancer. You will also learn about animation driven spreading and Melscripting issues.

    Making Car Rims

    Make some realistic chrome car rims.

    Model a Rocket with a Particle Trail

    Explore how to create a rocket using NURBS, and then animate its movement using path curve and then make a simple smoke trail.

    Growing Flowers

    Learn how to create growing flowers from a surface. The flowers will gradually and randomly grow, and will retain their original status when they reach to growing limit.

    Bone Based Mouth Setup

    This is a tutorial for advanced Maya users, and provides an alternative to the standard facial setup using blend shapes.

    Model a Screwdriver and Render with Mental Ray

    This tutorial will teach you how to make a screw-driver and render it with Final Gather, Global Illumination, HDRI, and Depth of Field.

    Setting Up Studio Lighting

    Alejandro shows you how to setup basic studio lighting in Maya 2008 using Mental Ray.

    Paint Geometry Tool

    This tutorial covers the basics of Maya's Paint Geometry Tool. This can be very useful when adding anything that needs to be duplicated and randomized across a given surface.

    Create a Double Sides Shader

    In this tutorial Alejandro shows you two ways of creating double-sided shaders in Maya.

    Mental Ray's Physical Sun and Sky

    Here Alejandro shows you how to set up Mental Ray's Physical Sun and Sky and explains it's main attributes.

    Raytraced Shadow Fix

    When rendering raytrace shadows through alpha channels you might get an extra unwanted shadow. Here Alejandro shows you how to get rid of that.

    Talk about Fluid Transparency

    This is a nice talk on how to understand fluid transparency.

    Fluid Rendering Optimizations

    Learn a bunch of key techniques for speeding up fluids renders.

    Overburn Techniques

    Check out this awesome tutorial on creating a metor from scratch and using Peter Shipkov's Overburn Technique. Overburn Script.

    Pose and Render an Image

    Learn how to pose and manipulate a rig for rendering images.

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