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50 Breathtaking CG Images

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Read Time: 7 mins

After hours of tirelessly scouring the web, I have done it! Below is a compilation of 50 of the most stunning pieces of CG artwork in the world. Composed in an array of different applications and styles, there is artistic inspiration here for everyone!

    Please note: this article contains some mild artistic nudity.

    Hyung Jun Kim

    Hyung Jun Kim, aka K.jun, started learning CG around 12 years ago. He is now working as an Art Director at Ncsoft in Korea. You can find his website at: kjun.org.

    1. Divine Protection

    Andre McGrail

    Andre McGrail resides in Wellington, NZ, and works as a 3D artist at a local advertising company. Featured below are a few collaborative works with our next artist, Benjamin Parry.

    2. Alien Vs. Predator: Pool

    3. Alien Vs. Predator: Chess

    Benjamin Parry

    The roommate of our last artist, Benjamin Parry also resides in Wellington, NZ, and works as a freelance 3D Artist at Cluster.

    4. R.A.T.

    Rebeca Puebla

    Rebeca is a fantastic character artist freelancing out of Madrid, Spain. She works mainly in 3Ds Max, Photoshop, Zbrush and XSI. You can find her blog at: rebecapuebla.blogspot.com.

    5. Mistress Lili

    6. Sangyeng

    7. Dark Pheonix

    Balázs Pápay

    Balázs Pápay is the winner of Design 21 Magazine's 3D Contest, as well as the Choice Award Winner on CGTalk. He covers almost everything CG, and works as a 3D Graphic Artist at a post production house in Budapest, Hungary. You can find Balázs' website at: www.bgx.hu.

    8. The Duet

    9. Wounded Elf

    10. What Am I?

    Alex Kashpersky

    Alex is the winner of many awards from sites such as CGTalk, Render.ru, 3DTotal, and also on his own site, ARTTalk.ru. You can check out his profile on ARTTalk.ru here: Alex on ARTTalk.

    11. Furian Legend

    Z-Axis Team

    This piece is posted under Victor Hugo Queiroz's profile, but he is a 3D Illustrator at the Z-Axis 3D Studio. You can find out more about Z-Axis at their website: www.z-axis.com.br.

    12. Moe's

    Alessandro Baldasseroni

    Alessandro is a 3D Character Artist out of Los Angeles. He works at Blur Studio. For more information on Alessandro, you can check out his website at: www.eklettica.com.

    13. Landing

    14. The Hunter

    Jack Zhang

    Jack works as a Character Artist for Electronic Arts in Montreal, Canada. He creates some phenomenal work, so be sure to check out the rest of his portfolio at: Jack Zhang Portfolio.

    15. The Two Mighty Kings

    16. Flower Messenger

    Sven Juhlin

    Sven is a freelance Character Artist in Sweden. He works mainly in Zbrush, and has some killer characters on display in his portfolio. For more on Sven, check out his site at: www.daybreakcg.com.

    17. Captain America

    18. Juggernaut

    19. Hammerhead

    Viki Yeo

    Viki is the May 2009 Artist of the Month for Infinitee Designs. She creates some of the most realistic looking CG characters around. You can find her website here: Viki's Website.

    20. Young Girl

    21. Man

    Sigurd Fernström

    Sigurd is currently a student studying 3D graphics at Nackademin in Stockholm, Sweden. You can check out his website for some more artwork, and even animations here: sigurdesign.se.

    22. Stairs

    Henrich Kimerling

    Henrich's website, kimerling.sk, is still under construction, so you are going to have to check out his CGSociety profile for more of his killer artwork.

    23. American Beauty

    24. Project David

    Jose Mª Lazaro

    This one piece by Jose really caught my eye. It is a virtually flawless depiction of Morgan Freeman. Jose has a ton of other great character renders too. Some are textured, and some are not, but all are awesome.

    25. The Last Move

    Michal Kwolek

    Michal has a very cartoony style, but the pieces that I have showcased here display two vastly different ones. For more info on Michal, check out his website at: www.kwolek.org.

    26. Kids

    27. Baba Yaga

    28. Ark

    Daniel Lieske

    Daniel Lieske is a Digital Artist located in the small town of Warendorf, Germany. Daniel started to work in game development in 1999, and now works as a Concept Artist for a major German game studio. You can see more of Daniel's work on his website at: www.digitaldecoy.de.

    29. Saving the Alien Girl

    Olivier Cannone

    Olivier is a CG Level Artist, working at Asobo Studio in Bordeaux, France. It seems as though he is relatively new to the online community, so you are going to have tune in to his CGPortfolio for new work.

    30. Day of the Tentacles

    31. Warfootre

    Sven Geruschkat

    The amount of detail that goes into Sven's work is amazing. The realism in his work is so vivid, that you can't help getting immersed in the piece. You can check out more of Sven's work on his website at: www.svenger.de.

    32. Nefertiti

    33. Evil Witch

    34. Goblin... in the woods

    Soenke Maeter

    Soenke has won a bunch of awards for his work in Blender, his 3D application of choice. He has created some really amazing pieces, which you can see more of here: www.visual-noise.org.

    35. Reaching Out

    Adrien Lambert

    Adrien is 17 years old, and quite a capable 3D artist. You really have to go through his website to find some of his best stuff. Check it out here: adrian.art.free.fr.

    36. Spider Robot

    Joel Sundberg

    Joel has a very whimsical style to a lot of his sculptures. He only has a few pieces on CGsociety, so make sure you see the rest of them at: www.jobesu.se/home.

    37. Stupid!

    38. Them Dark Odors

    Fabricia Duque

    Fabricia is a graduate of Graphic Design, and has worked as a 3D Artist, and Animator, at several different Post Production houses. He works in a broad range of styles, so make sure you browse his portfolio for some more CG goodness.

    39. K7

    40. Planta Carnivora

    Simon Blanc

    Simon works at Blur Studio, alongside Alessandro Baldesseroni (one of the other artists that made it on this list). This guy can create some seriously awesome Zbrush work. Check out his website at: www.simonblanc.com.

    41. No More Wine!

    Dennis Frick

    Dennis is one of the few Cinema 4D artists on this list...but don't let that fool you. His work holds up against some of the best high-end application users out there. Check out his website here: www.dennisfrick.de.

    42. Hostage

    Stephen Molyneaux

    Stephen graduated from Bradford University in London with a degree in Computer Animation. Later on, he made the jump from the game industry to film, and now works at one of my favorite post production houses, the Moving Picture Company. You can check out his website here: www.old-boy.co.uk.

    43. Bernadette

    44. Murphy

    Ke Chen

    This artist has a talent for creating hyper-realistic landscapes. Working mainly in 3Ds Max, Ke has quite a spectacular portfolio.

    45. Eastern Diaojiao Lou

    Oliver Ponsonnet

    Oliver has a very creepy style. The use of lots of Gothic looking scenery and clothing, gives his work an extremely unique flavor. Check out his website for more: www.reiv.fr.

    46. Opal Child

    Jonas Thornqvist

    Jonas has an amazing eye for detail, and his characters really reflect that. Check out the rest of his portfolio for more.

    47. The Incredible Hulk

    48. Barack Obama Portrait

    Greg Petchkovsky

    Greg is a 3D and 2D Concept Artist working in Sydney, Australia. His portfolio is one of the few in this list that have 3D rendered videos available so you can see what he is working with. You can see it all on his website at: www.gregpetch3d.com.

    49. Bunny Is Tired

    Matt Roussel

    Our last artist in this post is Matt Roussel. Even though his preferred tool of choice is Photoshop, his Cinema 4D work is quite fascinating. I felt it was quite fitting for "the end" of an article. You can see Matt's website here: www.mattroussel.com.

    50. Juicy Head

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