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45 Magnificent Modo Tuts

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Hey everyone! I'm back with another huge tutorial roundup of Luxology Modo goodness. This time I've found around 45 (give or take) top-notch tutorials for you to check out...and some have up to 50 parts to them! You have my guarantee on this one, you will not be bored!

    Model a House From Blueprints

    Learn how to model a house from the ground up using nothing but blueprints.

    Model Puzzle Pieces

    Watch how to model and texture some puzzle pieces.

    Model a Canoe

    See how to model a wooden canoe.

    Model a Toon Style Character

    Learn how Christopher Desse models his characters.

    Model a Screw

    Learn how to Model a Screw in Modo

    Black Pearl Treasure

    Model the Black Pearl coin treasures from the Pirates of the Carribbean movies in Modo using reference photogrpahy.

    Interior Modeling

    Learn how to model the interior of a house with Darius Lacheta. Part 1 Part 2


    In this six part face modeling series, you will see how to model a girl named Noemi, with Ronald van Vemdon. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

    How Modo Can Make Your Life Easier

    Mylenium from Creative Cow shows you how to use Modo 201, a little old but worth the watch. Also from Mylenium: Texture Baking Texturing Modeling Image Synth

    Making of Dante Alighieri

    This tutorial only features the unwrapping process in Modo, but also uses XSI, Zbrush, and some Photoshop.

    Modo & ZBrush

    Learn a displacement workflow with displacement exporter using Modo and ZBrush.

    Water Drops

    Learn how to make water drops on a coke can using Modo 401's hair system.

    Strawberry Modeling

    Learn how to model a strawberry and how to make Andy Probst's "meat shader" in Modo 401.

    Snapping in Modo

    Learn how to snap in Modo, in this three part tutorial on Youtube: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

    The Mech

    Check out this huge 17 part tutorial on modeling "The Mech".

    Modo 401 Demo

    Watch Andy Brown's demonstration presentation from the Londona and Paris Modo 401 events.

    Wheel Assembly Preset

    This video demonstrates how to use the new Wheel Assembly preset created by Mark Brown for modo 401. This preset is available via

    Path Duplicate Script

    These three videos show you how to use the Path Duplicate Script in your workflow.'s Script Collection

    Check out this collection of scripts for Modo that do a wide range of tasks.

    Making of Compass

    Watch Volkan Kacar's workflow of how he created "Compass" in Modo.

    IXUS Project

    Learn how to create this digital camera, in this huge 52 part tutorial hosted at

    Radio Controlled Car

    Watch this demonstration on how to model a toy remote controlled car.


    Learn an awesome workflow to model and texture an entire project in Modo 201/ 202.

    UV Peeler

    This short video looks at a much overlooked tool in Modo, and demonstrates a very simple application for it.

    Band Peeler

    This video looks at using UV Peeler to map an image along a band of polygons using Modo 201.

    dotXSI Exporter for Modo 302

    Now you can export your Modo projects out to XSI using this useful exporter!

    Model a Golf Ball

    Learn how to model a golf ball in Modo 203

    ZBrush to Modo Displacements

    Learn how to import Zbrush generated displacement maps into Modo, and also which settings to tweak to get a nice displaced result.

    Making of Gollum

    Watch Nicolas Boyer's process as he created this awesome Gollum portrait.

    Making of Mother Love

    Learn how to create the amazing work of art "Mother Love" in Modo 302.

    Orgnaic Modeling: The Ear

    This is only part one of this organic modeling tutorial series so make sure you bookmark and check back for more parts!

    City Block

    This video covers the use of a replicator item and a group of meshes to quickly create a low resolution random cityscape.

    Product Shot: DVD Case

    Learn how to create a quick product shot (uses Photoshop as well).

    Car Particle ID

    Learn how to use the surface gradient input parameter Particle ID. Use mesh presets and replicas to make a quick mock-up car advertisement.

    UV Mapping a Computer Mouse

    This video shows some basic usage of Modo UV unwrap and modification tools.

    Stereoscopic Rendering in Modo

    Quick review of the stereo options in Modo 401 and how to create an anaglyph in Photoshop using the Modo output. Part 1 Part 2

    Animating a Basic Page Peel

    Use the vertex weight map deformer to create a quick and dirty multi-page peel effect. The tools used in this video include the weight map tool, falloffs, weight map deformer, Pivot editing, and the Track View.

    Creating Seamless Bricks with ImageSynth

    This four part tutorial explains the process of leveraging image Synth to create a seamless, tiling image of bricks. The tips and techniques learned in this series will prove useful for any number of texturing challenges. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

    Create a Transluscent Paper Lamp

    This video explains how to create a translucent material by creating a paper lantern. Along the way you might pick up some basic modeling and texturing skills as well!

    Glass Bottle Series

    Learn Roger Harris' techniques on modeling, texturing, and lighting a glass bottle. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

    Rope Tutorial

    Matthew Burniston presents a quick video tutorial on how you can create a rope using Modo.

    Model a Cartoon Llama

    Learn how to completely model and texture a cartoon Llame in Modo.

    Vertex Monkey

    Check out Vertex Monkey for a huge library of tutorials on using Modo! There were way too many to list specifically in this roundup so check them out!


    This is the official area for training from Luxology. Again, this is packed to the brim of tutorials, so make sure you peruse around!

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