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44 Bangin' Blender Tutorials

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It's tutorial roundup time again here at CGtuts+, and you Blender freaks are going to be amped on the load of tutorials I have for you this time around!

    Sub Scattering of Particles

    This tutorial uses ZBrush and Maya, as well as Blender, to teach you about the sub scattering of particles onto surfaces like skin.

    Making of "Old Man - Portrait"

    Watch how Oskar Swierad and Kamil Makowski created and unwrapped this model in Blender, and then brought it into ZBrush for the detailing and rendering.

    Get Into Blender: Introduction To Blender

    Jason Welsh's series "Get Into Blender" starts with this easy little introduction to the program.

    Get Into Blender: Menus and Views

    Jason explores the many menus and views inside of Blender to get you acquainted.

    Get Into Blender: Navigation

    Start moving around and seeing where things work in this third part of the "Get Into Blender" series.

    Get Into Blender: Components

    Learn how to use the basic components of Blender.

    Get Into Blender: Selection Methods

    Go through the Many Selection Methods inside of Blender in this two part tutorial. Part 1 Part 2

    Get Into Blender: Intro to the Squirkle

    Learn how to make a squirkle (or a subdivided square), into a circle.

    Get Into Blender: Intro to a Buare.

    Learn how to model and work with Buares.

    Get Into Blender: Flattening Out & Clean Up

    Learn how to refine your models by flattening edges and making things look a bit nicer.

    Get Into Blender: Mixing Shapes

    Learn how to mix shapes and objects together to make different models.

    Creating a Light Bulb

    Over at Blender Cookie, learn how to model a light bulb, then add materials to simulate them being turned on or off. Part 1 Part 2

    Animating a Gear Train

    Learn how to animate a gear train with constraints in Blender.

    Introduction to Rendering with LuxRender

    Learn how to install, setup, and render with the LuxRender rendering engine.

    Creating Non-Photorealistic Cumulus Clouds

    Make some not very real looking clouds in Blender... similar to something you would see in Toy Story or other animated movies.

    Adjusting the Camera Angle via Trackball Technique

    Use the trackball technique to quickly and easily adjust your camera angle from the camera view.

    Modeling a Praying Mantis

    Learn to model a Praying Mantis cartoon from a sketch.

    Improving Reflections with HDR Images

    Take a look at how to enhance your reflections using HDRI images.

    Cutting a Hole in a Curved Surface

    In this quick tip, learn how to cut a hole into a curved mesh, which can sometimes prove to be a difficult task.

    The Make Links Tool

    Use the Make Links function to simplify adding things (like materials) tons of times to different objects.

    Grouping Objects

    In this quick tip, learn how to group objects to better organize your scene.

    Rigging a Piston

    Learn how to use Blender's constraint system to rig up a simple piston.

    Packing .blend Files

    Learn how to pack up a model with all of its associated files to give to another artist.

    The Solidify Selection Script

    Use the Solidify Selection script to allow you to solidify a mesh by adding a second "skin" to it based on the selected geometry.

    Creating a Pumpkin

    Learn how to model, texture, and render out a simple pumpkin model. Part 1 Part 2

    Create a Witch's Hat

    Using a combo of modeling and cloth simulations, create a witch's hat to stick on top of your pumpkin (no...that's not a metaphor).

    Creating a Pup Tent

    Learn how to create an old 1800's-esque pup tent.Part 1 Part 2

    Creating a Jack-O-Lantern

    Following the previous pumpkin tutorials, learn how to cut out shapes to create a jack-o-lantern model.

    Creating a Face Rig

    Create an advanced facial rig using the "stretch to" constraint.

    Exporting a Lowpoly Model to Unity 3D

    Learn how to export your models to Unity 3D for use in a game.

    Creating an Urban Stairway Scene

    In this huge 4 part tutorial, learn how to make this realistic looking urban stairway scene, from modeling all the way through rendering. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

    Modeling a Porsche 911 GT3 RS

    Learn how to model this sick looking Porsche 911 GT3 RS car model. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

    Animation Curves

    Learn how to access and modify your animation curves to easily tweak your animation for the utmost control.

    Intro to UVs/Sculpt on the Alien Character

    Learn how to unwrap the UVs, do some simple detail sculpting, and use some normal and texture maps. Part 1 Part 2

    Cleaning Up Imported Models

    Learn how to clean up imported models coming from programs other than Blender.

    Rigging an Alien

    Following the facial rig of the alien, this tutorial deals with rigging the body.

    Texturing the Alien

    Now that the rigging is done, learn how to correctly texture your alien model.

    Sculpting Reptile Scales with Alpha Maps

    Learn how to make reptilian scales using alpha maps.

    Creating Stable Noise Textures for Animation

    In this quick tip, look at how to easily create a procedural noise texture that's stable during animation.

    Making Of "15 Minutes of Glory"

    Kamil Kuklo's got a great tutorial on how he made this cute piece "15 Minutes of Glory."

    Modeling a Fly

    Sebastian König shows you how he created this fly model inside of Blender. There is a speed modeling timelapse as well as a tutorial to go along with it.

    Blender Interface Cosmetics

    Learn how to sex up the Blender interface, because let's face it... it is not very inviting when you first start it up.

    Modeling a Smooth T-Joint Connection

    Learn to model a simple looking T-joint connection.

    How to Change Cameras During an Animation

    Learn how to switch between the different cameras in your scene when making an animation with multiple cameras.

    Adding Transition to Camera Changes in an Animation

    When creating camera moves you may want to add dissolves or transitions to your camera change... this is how.

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