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43 Mind-Bending Mudbox Tuts!

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This time we got a load of 43 Mudbox tutorials, and some of those tutorials are made up of groups of more tutorials...and then those tutorials are made of even more tutorials... you get the idea. So in reality, you probably have around 65 Mudbox masterpieces to keep you busy here, but honestly, who cares about these numbers? Lets just get to learning us some Mudbox, and enjoy the variable cornucopia of tutty goodness!

    Digital Double - Denzel Washington Head Study

    Nicolas Collings shows you how to model Denzel Washington's head using reference images taken from Google.

    Modeling a Dinosaur

    In this tut, Ashraf Aiad shows you how to create a detailed 3d model of a dinosaur head, using mesh preparation, sculpting, displacement maps, and rendering, in both Maya and Mudbox.

    Head Sculpting Techniques

    Learn a bunch of head sculpting techniques from Rod Sefren, including explanations on the proportions of the human head, artistic anatomy theory, techniques in sculpting facial features, and more!

    Autodesk.com's Getting Started With Mudbox

    Autodesk.com has got 4 quick videos to help you in getting started with Mudbox: "Navigate the 3D View Using a Mouse", "Navigate the 3D View using a Pen and Tablet", "Start Sculpting", and "Start Painting"... sorry no links...just hit the picture, and then click the thumbnails.

    Mudbox Techniques for Props

    These two tutorials, about sculpting props in Mudbox, deal with sculpting wood props, and sculpting stone. NOTE: For any tutorials located on AREA.Autodesk.com you must be logged in to access the tutorials.

    Scorpion Production Workflow

    Kenichi Nishida thoroughly explains his process of using Maya and Mudbox to create this awesome scorpion model.

    Mudbox 2010 Features

    This set of videos is made to get you up to speed on the new features in Mudbox 2010. There are 5 videos: Sculpting, Texture Painting Parts 1 and 2, Rendering, and Mudbox and Maya.

    Zhang Yang's "Revolution" Tutorial

    This is a detailed tutorial outlining the steps that Zhang Yang took to create the piece "Revolution".

    Making of "Varga"

    In this two part tutorial, Paul Tosca shows you how he created his piece titled "Varga". Part 1 Part 2

    Making of "Lady of Shalott"

    Using a mix of Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop, BodyPaint, and Mental Ray, Zhang Yang shows you how his piece "Lady of Shalott" was made.

    Making of "The Giant"

    This will take you through the various stages used to create Keith Thompson's Giant character.

    Convert a Mudbox Model to 3ds Max

    Neil Blevins shows you an easy way to convert your Mudbox models for use in 3ds Max. He will cover how to transfer a model from Max to Mudbox, export a mesh and a displacement map, and then render it in Max using a bunch of different displacement methods.

    Low Poly Game Character Hair

    Learn how to make some low poly hair using Maya and Mudbox.

    Street Cop Workflow

    Mashru Mishuu shows you his workflow in creating this street cop character from start to finish.

    Workflow Between 3ds Max & Mudbox

    Learn some basic techniques, but also more advanced subjects like normal and displacement baking in 3ds Max, or the best options when working with the .obj format between apps.

    Multi-Displacement Setup with Maya and Mudbox

    The multi-displacement method can be very handy when setting up various displacement files for your geometry, allow you to have a higher detailed displacement for your render.

    Creating Displacement Maps with 3ds Max, Mudbox and Mental Ray

    Learn how to create displacement maps using 3ds Max, Mental Ray, and Mudbox using some mountainous geometry to learn from.

    Making of "Fa Hai"

    Check out this short making of "Fa Hai" including the modeling, rendering, and shading.

    Multi Channel Setup

    This video shows you how to use the Multi-Channel Tool to set up all the Mudbox channels to bring into Maya for the purpose of rendering.

    Lit Sphere Material

    Ashraf Aiad sheds some light on the Lit Sphere Material feature in Mudbox.

    Render a Mudbox File in Maya (The Easy Way)

    Learn an easy way of rendering your Mudbox files in Maya by matching the number of polys from Mudbox to Mental Ray for Maya.

    Maya/Mudbox Troubleshooting

    Let's face it....things can and will go wrong in your workflow... unless you watch these two videos that address some common user mistakes when utilizing a Maya & Mudbox workflow: Part 1 Part 2

    GROUNDUP Mudbox Tutorials

    Navigation and UI Selections Normal and Displacement Maps Layers Brushes Hard Surface Texturing Character Detailing

    Mudbox Sculpting

    In this five part tutorial, learn how to sculpt efficiently in Mudbox. Sounds simple enough. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

    New in Mudbox 2010

    Look at some of the new features in Mudbox 2010 including FBX, filters, and more.

    Character Modeling For Games Series

    This five part series will cover the modeling of a character for games. The topics of each part are: Applying Color to the Concept Art Basic 3ds Max Techniques Creating a Base Model Sculpting the General Anatomy Retopologising the Model

    We are terribly sorry to all those who enjoyed having Wayne Robson's tutorials included in this excellent roundup, but any tutorials belonging to him or being hosted at CGArena have been removed at his expressed request.

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