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42 Sensational Texture Packages and Tutorials

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Speaking of textures in Adam's Quick Tip yesterday... here are 42 huge texture packages for you to use in your productions, absolutely free! If you want some uses for these today... check out the tutorials at the end of the article!

Concrete Texture Pack

Tree Bark Texture Pack

Planet Earth Surface Textures

Aqueous Sun Presents Rust v.01

Aqueous Sun Texture Pack Volume 1

Aqueous Sun Texture Pack Volume 2

Beautiful Textures On Black Backgrounds

Metal Texture Pack

Vintage Texture Pack I

Vintage Texture Pack II

Vintage Texture Pack III

Abduzeedo - 29 Great Free Textures

Abduzeedo - 36 Cool Free Textures

Abduzeedo - Great Useful Brick Textures

6 High Resolution Sand and Seashell Textures

5 Incredible Moldy Paper Textures

5 Free High Rez Stone Textures

Exclusive 10 Texture Pack

Bokeh Texture Pack 001

Wooden Tiles Texture Pack

45 Wood Textures

Texture Wood Pack 01

14 High Rez Slate Textures

Grab Bag: 40 Free Random Textures

12 Experimental Dirty Textures

17 Scratched and Scraped Textures

20 Simple & Subtle Grunge Textures

25+ Super Useful Paper Textures

300+ Free Hi-Res grunge textures you’ve never seen before!

15 Stunning Free Hi-Res Nature Textures

20 Free Hi-Res Yellow Grunge Concrete Textures

20 Free Original Hi-Res Ink Stained Paper Textures

19 Free Hi-Res Burnt Paper Textures

35 Free Hi-Res Fire, Flame and Firework Textures

60+ Totally Free Rusted Metal Textures for Designers

60+ Extremely Useful Free Concrete Texture Backgrounds

Creased Fabric Set: 14 Free Hi-Res Textures

Free Hi-Res Plain Fabric Textures Part 1

9 Free Hi-Res Wood Panels Textures

100 Beautiful Free Textures

12 Grungy Bokeh Textures

8 High Resolution Screen Print Ready Textures

Texture Based Tutorials

Using Texture to Get the Most Out of Design

Give Your Video A Pencil Sketched Look

Use Color To Control Your Textures

Spray Paint and Bullet Holes

Ancient Titles

Fracture Design

Ink Bleeding Effect in After Effects (Like Gnarls)

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