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42 Exemplary XSI Tutorials

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It took me a while to round these up, but from the farthest depths of the interwebs, they are here at last. This time I have imported the motherload....42 stupendous tutorials to keep your XSI mania at bay!

    Texture Blending Using Weight Maps

    Learn how to use texture blending using weight maps.

    Arm Rigging For Animators

    Set up an arm rig using stretchy IK.

    Cartoon Eyes

    Learn how to create the geometry, set up the scene, fit the clips to the scene, and create the animation panel, in this Cartoony Eyes tutorial.

    Faking Micro-Bevel

    Fake the appearance of a micro-bevel with Mental Ray.

    Final Gather: Mental Ray vs. Arnold Renderer

    Compare Mental Ray's Final Gather and The Arnold Renderer.

    Making Blubber Jiggle

    Learn to rig a fat character, and make the blubber flop around when they move.

    Modeling 2D Toons

    Learn a process of modeling flat 2D characters in XSI.

    Automated Animation Keying Controls

    Key your entire character with a single custom button.

    Growing a Flower

    Learn how to create the a timelapse effect for a 3d flower as it grows.

    Facial Animation: Muscular Approach

    Learn how to make layered shape animations, that focus on the face. Part 1 Part 2

    Interacting With Objects

    Build a scene where objects can interact using dynamics.

    Using Subsurface Scattering Shaders

    Learn how to work with the subsurface scattering shader.

    Rendering With Final Gathering

    Properly setup an architectural scene in preparation for camera animation, using Mental Ray and Final Gathering.

    Making of Parthenon

    Watch the making of this fantastic piece of architectural art by Marco A. Delgado.

    Irradiance Particles

    Learn how to use the new indirect illumination algorithm, irradiance particles, and combine it with HDRI image based lighting.

    Working With ICE

    Get a look into the inner workings of ICE in a production workflow.

    Texture Painting

    Learn Shading, painting, and mapping techniques with a car door as an example. Part 1 Part 2

    Tagging a Rig

    This tutorial teaches you the process of setting up your rigs so that you can re-target animations and apply mocap data to 3d characters.

    Selection Tips

    This video looks at some of the different selection modes and tools.

    Clusters & Creating Hierachies

    Learn how to quickly create, view, and work with clusters in XSI.

    Cloth Simulation

    Learn how to control a cloth simulation with weight maps.

    Rigging for Moosah and Chub

    Learn how to set up the complicated rig used in creating "Moosah and Chub", an animation by Adam Scott.

    Portrait of a Mobster

    Look at the making of the "Portrait of a Mobster" by Alvaro Gasco.

    Making of Metamorfosi

    Watch this exceptional piece go from conception to finished product in this 'making of'.

    Cloth Simulations with Syflex

    Make realistic cloth simulations using Syflex

    Toon Shader

    Learn how to use the toon shader to create a cartoon look.

    Making of The Queen

    Watch Peter Chen's workflow used in creating his piece "The Queen."

    Making Balthar

    Watch Heber Alvarado's creation of "Balthar" as he takes the piece from sketch to completion.

    Making of Home & Fire

    Marco A. Delgado explains the making of "Home & Fire".

    Making of Veggie Pirates

    Watch as Gaurav Mohangoes over the techniques he used to create his toon challenge entry for CGArena called "Veggie Pirates."

    Fluid Particles

    Take a look at how to use the fluid dynamic particles in conjunction with obstacles for your own setups.

    Making an Orc

    Watch how Herbert Lowis creates his Orc character from scratch.

    Metallic Shader

    Learn how to use the metallic shader in XSI.

    The Pidgeon Impossible Podcast

    Watch the entire set of podcasts about the making of Pidgeon Impossible, by Lucas Martell, which took him over 5 years to complete.


    Trond Elling Haveland walks you through how he made his iconic "Addiction" character.

    Intro to Animation with the Mod Tool

    Check out this video tutorial by Noesis Interactive on using the Mod Tool for animation.

    UNIT 35

    Learn about the three steps used in making this big fat robot.

    Making of Super No More

    Look at how Ronny Gani created his "Super No More" piece.

    Create Realistic CD Jewel Cases

    Learn some of the the industry tips and tricks used to create this model in a fast and efficient way.


    Learn how to use the cloth simulation within XSI.

    Adding a Secondary Motion Factor Using Constraints

    This tutorial will go through the process of setting up secondary motion and skin movement on characters using constraints as apposed to the use of softbodies.

    Using Shrink Wrap

    Learn how to use Shrink Wrap to define muscle bulges and skin sliding.

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