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42 Crazy Awesome VFX Breakdowns

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Are you ready to get pumped up? I could literally watch VFX Breakdowns all day and night... which probably explains my lack of sleep this past week. Well, I'm willing to suffer for your enjoyment... that's just the type of guy I am. Here are 42 of the most killer VFX breakdowns I could find on the web. Hold on to your jaw because it's about to hit the floor. I'm not liable for dental bills.

Black Ginger: Castrol -The Van - Builds

Black Ginger: Pepsi - Birdman - SideBySide

Buzz: Making of SAAQ

Richard Hammond Presents Bloody Omaha

MPC: Angels & Demons

MPC: Dorian Gray

2012 VFX: Tidal Waves

The Mill: Making of Dell - Treats

Making of "All Together Now"

2012 VFX - Destruction of LA

Pantural: Shelby vs Camaro vs Jeep vs VAZ2107 vs Helicopter

MPC: Making of Kerry LowLow

Digital Domain: Making of Transformers

Garlic: Making of Acciona RE_

Boundary Visual Effects: Roto Reel

Rob Blauser: Matte Painting, 3D VFX, Compositing Reel

Dan Schick: VFX Shot Breakdowns

Dylan Cole: Demo Reel

Cinemotion: Showreel 2009

TequilaFX: Corona Spot

Lon Molnar: Compilation VFX Supervisor Reel

Luma: The Making of Standard Bank Global

Luma: The Making of Ford Everest Bear

Miles Lauridsen: 2009 VFX Reel

Rising Sun Pictures: Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

Rising Sun Pictures: Terminator Salvation

Pixel Magic FX: Demo Reel 2009

Invisible Arts: 2005-2006 Reel

Entity FX: Additional Shots and Breakdowns

Tippett Studio: Constantine Shot Breakdown

Luma Pictures: City Of Ember

Stargate Digital: Grey's Anatomy

Stargate Digital: Knight Rider

Pix Ray: Anne of Green Gables

Pix Ray: 2008 Demo

Mathieu Gérard: Making of Steel Life

AXYZ: Making of Knorr's "Salty"

The Mill: City Harvest "Apples" Breakdown

Planet X: De Hel Van '63

Tim Nackashi: Making of OK Go's WTF?

John Budion Click3X: MotoDanica

John Budion Click3X: E-Trade "Before/After"

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