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3dOcean, Envato's Newest Marketplace, is Launching in Private Beta

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If you're interested in making passive income from your 3d work - meaning you make something once, then sell it many times - we have an exciting announcement for you.

3dOcean is looking for talented 3D/2D artists to help set the standard for a new 3D online marketplace. Envato (the makers of Cgtuts+) are developing this site for all those who are looking for quality 3D stock and those who want to become authors in this field and earn money by selling their work online, again and again.

3dOcean will complement the existing Envato marketplaces ActiveDen, AudioJungle, ThemeForest, VideoHive and GraphicRiver. Read on to learn how you can get a head-start on the competition by joining the exclusive private Beta.

Read a testimonial from a marketplace user:

DigitalScience, a top-seller on 3dOcean sister-marketplace ActiveDen, earned his previous full year's salary in one month working from home and selling his stock files on ActiveDen:

"After uploading a few $20 files then I started making more than 3 times my current salary on FlashDen and thought, well why do I actually need this day job when I can chill at home and make more on FlashDen. So around that time, I bought a Golf 5 GTI , handed in my resignation letter and said cheers to the working world and started working as a full time FlashDen Author from home. Got to a point when I was making my full years salary in one month on FlashDen which is madness!!" - DigitalScience [Read the full testimonial]

Could you achieve the same feat in the 3D industry?


More About 3dOcean

There will be five main areas of content at 3dOcean:

3D Models - We are looking for anything from animals over anatomy, buildings and architecture, deco and design elements, electronics, engines and parts, fantasy and fiction, furnishings, humans, plants, sports, toys, vehicles of all types, shapes and sizes, ... all the way to weapons and armor and even theme packages.

Materials and Shaders - 3D models need good materials and shaders to unfold their full potential. If you have worked hard to create quality materials and shaders then this is the place where you can make them work for you.

CG Textures - Every CG artist is always on the lookout for good texture resources and this section will be dedicated to textures that are optimized for the use in 3D applications.

3D Print - If you have created a digital piece of art that you would like to sell to the world, be it a figurine, a modeling kit, to scale furniture, detailed vehicle models or anything that can be 3d printed, then this is the section that makes it possible.

2D Concepts - This is a section for character front-side-back views, technical drawings and blueprints or anything that can be used to construct 3d models.

How will it work?

3dOcean will work just like the other Envato Marketplaces – you upload your work to the site then sit back and relax as earnings come rolling in! It's a great way to earn some extra cash while participating in a community of 3D enthusiasts.

Grab a Beta Invite

We're going to go into a private beta for anyone looking to get the jump on uploading items, getting on the popular items/authors page and generally getting started. If you'd like to join, just fill in this form, making sure you include an existing marketplace username (you can sign up at any marketplace if you're not currently an Envato Marketplace member). When private beta goes live we'll get in touch with your special beta access!

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