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3D Game Model Competition!

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With tools like Unity 3d and markets like the App Store and Steam, building indie games is becoming not only easier, but also a whole lot more lucrative. As a result, more and more indie games are being developed every single day. Unfortunately, most of those games aren’t nearly as pretty as they would have been if you had done the 3d modeling. These poor, un-artistic programmers need your help! That’s why we’re running the “3d Game Model Competition.”

We want you to create low-poly models that are not only good lookin’, but also built so they’ll run smoothly in a game. We don’t care if it’s a zombie for a mobile shooter, an airplane for a flight simulator, or the Zwlarg headquarters for your RTS – we just want game-ready characters, vehicles, and buildings.

Follow the link below to Envato Notes for a list of requirements, rules and prizes!!

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