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37 Super Star Interviews - NAB 2010 Coverage

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I had the great fortune this year of attending the NABShow for the first time ever, and I couldn't have had a better time. I got to meet a lot of the big names in the After Effects world, including a lot of my heroes and people that had a gigantic influence on all of our careers in the After Effects industry, as well as check out some of the new tech, and hot new products that got debuted this year on the show floor.

Aharon Rabinowitz

Aharon talks about his position with Red Giant Software, Crowd Control, and Holomatrix. You can follow Aharon on Twitter @ABAOProductions.

Carl Larsen

We catch up with Carl hanging out at NAB and talk to him about the new addition to his family and how the show is going! You can follow him on Twitter @telemg.

Eran Stern

Eran from SternFX talks about a few of the new projects he has cooking for the future. You can follow Eran @SternFX.

John Dickinson

John Dickinson was at NAB demoing for Zaxwerks but we were able to steal him away for a quick interview to say hi and see what is in store for the future. You can follow John @Motionworks.

Eric Escobar

You guys might remember Eric from his Macworld video "Plugins Won't Save You" a while back, and you might follow Eric @ericKontent.

Harry Frank

Everyone knows Harry as one of the Trapcode Masters, which led him to his new job at Red Giant doing promo material and tutorials. He talks about some new training and the new You can follow Harry @graymachine.

Jim Geduldick

Jim was perched at The Foundry's booth doing demos of the new plugins Camera Tracker and Kronos for After Effects. He speaks to us about Off Hollywood and some of the stuff going on with AENY. You can follow Jim @filmbot


Maltaannon was also at the Zaxwerks booth with John Dickinson. I talk to him about his brand new "caveman" look, You can follow Maltaannon @maltaannon.

Marcelo Lewin

In the past year, Marcelo has been creating and organizing webinars for popular programs like Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Nuke. You can follow Marcelo @NewMediaDude.

Mark Christiansen

After Effects Studio Techniques is one of the more popular books in the AE world, as I was actually leaving the show, I caught a quick word with Mark to say hi. You can follow Mark @flowseeker.

Nick Campbell

The Gorilla himself was busy all week demoing at the Maxon Cinema 4D booth, but was able to take a few minutes to hang out and share some views on the tutorial world. You can follow Nick @nickvegas

Rob Birnholz

One of our fellow tutorial creators on AEtuts+ was able to say hi apart from his demos at the Genarts booth to tease us about some new stuff he has planned here. You can follow Rob @rbirnholz.

Philip Bloom

Philip is one of the most popular HDSLR filmmakers in the world, and we were able to say hey at the Red Giant Software booth, regrettably he was suffering from Laryngitis and couldn't speak so we had to conduct the interview via iPad. You can follow Philip @PhilipBloom.

Mike Romey

The Foundry booth was showing some interesting breakdowns that Zoic did, and I was able to talk to one of their artists about their new blog and some stuff they have going on.

Dan May with Blackmagic Design

Dan takes us around the Blackmagic area and shows us some of the new lower end products they have available.

Rick Lockery with GoPro Cameras

The new GoPro cameras shoot in full HD 60 fps, that are wearable on helmets and mountable on cars, as well as underwater equippable.

Robert Deterly with Hewlett Packard

There are some awesome new systems to come out from Hewlett Packard and Robert Deterly was able to give us some specs.

Clint Milby of IKAN Solutions

Ikan is known mostly for their monitor solutions, but they have recently moved into the DSLR rigs industry. Clint shows us the Ikan Elements line of products.

Kevan O'Brien with Nvidia

The new Quadro cards are part of getting the most of the new CS5 suite of software and Kevan O'Brien shows us how well their cards work with the new Adobe Mercury Playback Engine.

Donn Gurule for Lightbeam Systems

Lightbeam Systems was one of the computers powering a Cintiq at the Wacom booth, and it is screaming fast, Donn gives us some information on the machine.

Mathias Omatola for Maxon Cinema 4D

Mathias is the marketing manager for Maxon, and he talks to us about Cineversity, R11.5 and a new personal website he is working on for the C4D community.

Gabriel Mitri for Matrox Systems

Gabriel over at Matrox, just behind the Adobe area showed me a couple of capture devices that they have fine tuned in the last year or so.

Jon Wadelton for The Foundry's Nuke

Jon Wadelton chats with us about the recent developments with Nuke and whats up at The Foundry.

Paula Coombes from The Pixel Farm

The Pixel Farm didn't have a booth this year, but I caught up with Paula Coombes and got her to give me some hints about what is coming with a new installment of PFTrack. Also we compare awesome shirts.

Moe Shore with the Phantom FLEX Camera

The new Phantom camera is absolutely awesome, and I talked to Moe Shore about more of the technical specs of the killer peice of equipment.

Peter White for Pro Prompter

One of my favorite little inventions this year is the iPad Teleprompter, aka the Pro Prompter. I talk with Peter White about a few of their models.

Michael Gorick for Smoke on Mac

Smoke on Mac has been a bit of a buzz the last couple months, and I figured I would get some details about one of the more popular software demonstrations on the floor this year.

Wes Maggio for Wacom Tablets

The new Cintiq tablet just blew my mind away this year. A huge screen tablet that you can draw on. I mean, its not just a touch screen, but a full tablet monitor. Pretty awesome.

Jim Tierney of Digital Anarchy

Digital Anarchy has a new product out called Beauty Box and I talk to Jim Tierney about what exactly it does and how it can be used in your workflow.

Michele Yamazaki of Toolfarm

One of the hardest working gals in the AE world, Michele sat down with me by the Digieffects booth and talked about her new book, old book, and the new Toolfarm redesign.

Peder Norrby Creator of Trapcode Plugins

The creator of Trapcode! The man that we hail for creating some of our favorite plugins, Peder Norrby stopped by the Red Giant booth to say whats up.

Pete Litwinowicz of RE:Vision Effects

RE:Vision Effects is popular for morphing, motion blur, and a whole bunch of other plugins, I talked to Pete about what they are demoing here at NAB.

Robert Sharp of Digieffects

Probably the most chill booth at NAB, with a coffee table and two black leather couches, Robert talked to me about how FreeForm is now a part of CS5 and the two new ala carte plugins he has out.

Ross Shain of Imagineer Systems Mocha

Another one of the bundles softwares into CS5 is MochaAE and Mocha Shape, he also talks about Mocha V2.0 and the new features and hot new interface.

Kevin Morosmer for Singular Software

This is a great plugin for HDLSR flimmakers that don't record audio to their cameras, or for multiple camera shooters. It lets you sync your tracks automatically by looking at the audio waveform. Pretty handy.

Wes Plate of Automatic Duck

Automatic Duck has always been the best way to get projects in and out of Final Cut, Avid, Premiere, After Effects, and more. Wes Plate talks to us about his awesome plugin.

Zax Dow of Zaxwerks

The man behind 3D in After Effects, Zax tells us about the new version of ProAnimator, Invigorator, and his plans for 64 bit.

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