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31 Absolutely Spectacular VFX Breakdowns

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I say it time and time again, these are seriously some of my favorite roundups to do. Watching these amazing making ofs, behind the scenes content, and VFX breakdowns really give you a look into how a shot was made, or what really goes into a production. You can take a lot away from just seeing a couple of shot breakdowns... so check em out!

FXGuide #82 Making of Avatar in Nuke

Heroes: Season 3 "Completing the Scene"

Stargate Studios 24 Demo Reel

FXguide #85 Making of Alice in Wonderland

FXguide #86 Layering Explosions and Dust in Transformers 2

Behind the Scenes of V - Zeus Explained

Zoic Studios June 2010 Film Reel

BTS and Breakdown of Kraft Cheddar Explosion VIP

Travelers Insurance: Snowball

Powershares: Tony Meet Your Ideas

GhostVFX - Tulip Bear Before and After

Physalia: MAD MMX Titles

Making of AT-AT day afternoon

God at the Movies VFX Breakdown

Iron Man 2 Case Study

YouTube Play Intro video: behind the scenes

Making of Musical Picture Frames

MPC Podcast Making of Toyota "Carline"

ILM - Making of Davy Jones

Prime Focus - Making of New Moon

SPIN VFX Legion Before/After

SPIN VFX Features/Series Reel

SPIN VFX Outlander Breakdown Reel

SPIN VFX Max Payne VFX Breakdown Reel

Iloura - The Bank Job Shot Breakdown

Iloura - Nightmares and Dreamscapes VFX Breakdown

Iloura - Seven Swords VFX Breakdowns

Iloura - Charlottes Web VFX Breakdowns

BTS: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif

Superfad: Sony "Eye Candy"

Before / After video of AutoTopsy by Capricorn 8

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