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26 Awe-Inspiring Television Show Opens and Title Sequences

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Everyone goes crazy for movie title sequences, but it seems like openers and titles for television shows don't get the attention they deserve. So I took some time to get 26 sweet openers to some popular, and "not-so-popular-but-still-awesome-looking" shows! Enjoy!

Fox - Who Are You?

ABC Family - Middleman

The Next Food Network Star Show Package

The Hasselhoffs Pre-Launch Teases

2 Months 2 Million Promo and Broadcast Package

Hammerheads Show Package

International Sexy Ladies Show Broadcast Package

It's Me Or The Dog Show Package

Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory Show Open

Gangland Show Open

Roast of David Hasselhoff Open

Roast of Larry the Cable Guy

Comedy Central's Indecision 2008

Mythbusters Demolition Derby Special

Kids Choice Awards 2010

Rugby League World Cup

Formula 1 Opener

The Morning Show Opener

Human Target Main Title Sequence

The People's Republic of Capitalism Main Titles

Mad Men Opening Titles

The Pacific Opening Credits

Boxing Open Main Titles

The Company Main Titles

Ghost Whisperer Main Titles

25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concert

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