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25 Great Typography Pieces, Trailers and Overall Awesomeness

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Its been a while since we had a typography roundup, so I was able to pull together some sweet music videos, commercials, film trailers about the printing and typography business and some other goodies!


Insomnia Festival 2010 Titles

Spellemann 2006


Power - Kinetic Typography

FOTB 2010 Titles

American Express "Beaker"

Dan Stevers - We Give

Dan Stevers - There are No Spectators

US Cellular "Overview"

Bluefly "Johnny Weir"

NIN - All The Love In The World

Université d'Ottawa


Blood Will Out - Book Trailer

Scottish Leather Group TEP - What's New at Ask?

Ambius - Hydrofresh

Discover Canaan

Typography for swedish IT company

Between the Beats Festival Trailer

Linotype: The Film Trailer

A documentary film about Ottmar Mergenthaler's Linotype typesetting machine, and the people who own and use these today.

TYPEFACE: The Movie Trailer

This is a documentary looking at how our society is moving from analog to digital, and the people that work in the printing industry.

Making Future Magic: iPad Light Painting

This is an awesome making-of look at how Dentsu created long-exposure stop-motion photographs to look like extruded words using an iPad with different shaped pictures.

Money Money Money - "Gettin' Money With a Mouse and a Wacom Pen"

This is pretty much the most epic way I could finish off a typography roundup... basically the anthem to our After Effects world. Enjoy.

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