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22 Truly Spectacular Network and Show Promos and Idents

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One of my favorite things to watch on television is the new branding that comes with the new season for a network. I like to see how they implement new shows, new trends, new ideas, and new animation techniques. It is always fun to see what the different agencies and studios come up with for different clients, so I decided to take a look this week at a few of my favorites that I have recently found posted around the web.

Nylon - SyFy Happy Holidays

Zoic - ESPN Historical TVs

Royale - Comedy Central Rebrand Exploration

Royale - Brand Film, Fuel TV

Royale - Nick Movies Show Package

Imaginary Forces - Sky Italia - 2010 Winter Olympics branding

Imaginary Forces - USA Network Branding

Mekanism - MTV - Ancient Mind Puzzle

Shilo - Cartoon Network Fall

Sway - Turning Dexter's World Upside Down

Engine - TV1 Logo & Program Idents

Engine - Fox Sports Rugby - Super 14

Engine - Discovery Networks - Workshop Idents

Wide World of Sports - Cricket Ident

The Molecule - History Promo Spots

The Molecule - National Geographic Congo British Pilots

HunterGatherer - Fuel TV Signature Series

Syndrome - The 101 Network DirecTV Promo

Syndrome - NFL Network - Thursday Night Football

Syndrome - Maxim's Hot 100 Show Package

Spillt - Cartoon Network Skill Set

Spillt - Spike TV Powerblock Image Promo

As always, if you want to add your own favorites to the list, I HIGHLY encourage your to. If you enjoyed this post, please give it a vote on Digg or a stumble to say thanks!

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