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20 Best Corporate Stock Videos for Motion Graphics Projects

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If you’re working on a motion graphics project for a business, you may well need access to a good variety of corporate video footage that you can use to incorporate into your project. This is where stock video footage can be a huge asset in saving you both time and money.

There are thousands of great corporate and business stock videos to be found at VideoHive, but today I’ll be highlighting the 20 best. 

All the video footage is royalty-free and can be purchased either with a single-use licence which lets you use your chosen stock footage in one end product or with a multi-use licence which lets you use the footage in an unlimited number of end products for different clients if you choose.

1. Hi-Tech Business Women

Hi-Tech Business WomenHi-Tech Business WomenHi-Tech Business Women

Hi-Tech Business Women features two young female executives, viewing a digital tablet together in an office corridor and having a discussion. 

The footage would be very useful for motion graphics projects that want to emphasise teamwork and partnership or the use of modern technologies in the business environment.

2. Examining Market Trends

Examining Market TrendsExamining Market TrendsExamining Market Trends

If you’re looking for footage of a executive analysing business data, Examining Market Trends may be useful. 

The video shows a close-up of a report containing a number of charts which the businessman is examining carefully.

3. Video Conference

 Video Conference Video Conference Video Conference

Video Conference features a panning shot of a diverse business team sitting at a conference table in a meeting room having a video conference with a female executive who is shown on a huge television screen.

4. Clouds Over the Glass Building

Clouds Over The Glass BuildingClouds Over The Glass BuildingClouds Over The Glass Building

A great opening shot for any corporate motion graphics project, Clouds Over The Glass Building is a low vantage point shot of a tall elegant glass building.

Puffy white clouds moving quickly across the blue sky in the background are reflected on the building’s surface and add a dynamism to the video.

5. Business Greeting

Business GreetingBusiness GreetingBusiness Greeting

Business Greeting video footage brings a bit of variety and interest to the traditional business handshake footage. The video shows two businessmen silhouetted against the light in a glass and steel building. 

The men move towards each other in slow motion before they eventually meet, shake hands and have a short chat before one man, using a hand gesture, invites the other to continue their meeting elsewhere.

6. Female Leader

Female LeaderFemale LeaderFemale Leader

Female Leader is a great video to highlight female leadership and participation in a business as it illustrates a female boss holding a business meeting with her colleagues, half of whom are female and the other half male. 

7. Working at Computer

Working at ComputerWorking at ComputerWorking at Computer

Working at Computer offers a side view of a male’s hands on keyboard. He occasionally shifts his hands to another keypad to his left. This clip makes creative use of depth and perspective blur.

8. Business People in Front of Computer

Business People in Front of ComputerBusiness People in Front of ComputerBusiness People in Front of Computer

Business People in Front of Computer shows a team of one woman and two men clustered around a computer having a discussion about a presentation. 

A great video for showing team work and camaraderie. 

9. Mobile Communication

Mobile CommunicationMobile CommunicationMobile Communication

This aptly named footage Mobile Communication opens with a young businesswoman walking into an open plan area of a corporation while chatting on her mobile phone. She walks to the window and looks out while completing her call and then turns and walks off the screen again. 

This footage would be great in motion graphics projects dealing with mobile phones or communication.

10. Airbus In the Sky

Airbus In The SkyAirbus In The SkyAirbus In The Sky

Airbus In The Sky, which shows a huge plane flying in the sky against a background of clouds and sun light, is footage which would come in handy for projects that want to emphasis the international reach of a business.

11. Stock Market Data

Stock Market DataStock Market DataStock Market Data

Stock Market Data offers a close-up shot of the face of a young executive as he looks attentively at a computer screen with stock exchange data reflected in his glass lenses.

The video moves around him as he analyses the financial information on his screen and adjusts the data. This is great footage for themes connected with banking, stock exchange, analytics, business and general office work.

12. Signing of Contract

Signing of ContractSigning of ContractSigning of Contract

Signing of Contract, as its name suggests, is video footage of two executives presenting documents to a client to be signed. 

The client signs the documents and then shakes the hand of each executive in turn. 

13. Businessman Travel With Train

Businessman Travel with TrainBusinessman Travel with TrainBusinessman Travel with Train

Businessman Travel With Train is great footage for any project dealing with working away from the office, travelling comfortably, or communication. 

The video shows a businessman sitting comfortably by the window of a train, working on his mobile tablet while the countryside whizzes by outside the window.  

14. Coworking in the Office

Coworking in the OfficeCoworking in the OfficeCoworking in the Office

Coworking in the Office is a time-lapse video showing a top-down view of the hands of business colleagues sitting at a table, typing on their laptops, working with documents and drinking coffee. 

This flat-lay style approach is a very contemporary spin on the more typical approach to illustrating team work and would work well for projects targeting startups or businesses working in creative industries.

15. Frustration


Feeling frustration and stress is definitely part of business life and the Frustration footage captures that well with its illustration of a businessman sitting in front of a laptop in an empty office, seemingly trying to resolve an issue and failing. 

He shows his stress by rubbing his temples and his brow and covering his eyes. 

16. Precision Work

Precision WorkPrecision WorkPrecision Work

Precision Work features a dolly shot of a male and female colleague working together at a desk covered with blueprints, reports and two hard hats. 

17. Businessman Presenting Technology

Businessman Presenting TechnologyBusinessman Presenting TechnologyBusinessman Presenting Technology

Businessman Presenting Technology is a great piece of footage for international and/or technology businesses. It features a hologram of a spinning globe surrounded by lines and points of connection all emerging from the cupped hands of a businessman. 

18. Busy Creative Office

Busy Creative OfficeBusy Creative OfficeBusy Creative Office

Busy Creative Office is a time-lapse of a dynamic open-plan office where everyone is casually dressed and working at their computers, talking to each other and moving around while a business meeting is taking place at a conference table in the background.

19. Businesswoman Working at Computer

Businesswoman Working at ComputerBusinesswoman Working at ComputerBusinesswoman Working at Computer

In Businesswoman Working at Computer, the camera slowly zooms beyond the shoulders of two business people working at their desks to focus on a businesswoman working at her computer. As the camera comes to a standstill close to her she stops her work, looks into the camera and smiles. 

20. Downtown Morning Timelapse

Downtown Morning TimelapseDowntown Morning TimelapseDowntown Morning Timelapse

Downtown Morning Timelapse is a wonderful time-lapse video of a business district which takes viewers from nighttime through dawn to full daylight. 


If you are looking for the ideal business video footage for your next motion graphics project, these 20 great corporate stock videos are just a small selection of the thousands of amazing corporate stock video footage available at VideoHive. If none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options to choose from.

And if you want to improve your skills building motion graphics, then check out some of the ever-so-useful 3D and motion graphics tutorials we have on offer.

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