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15 Top International After Effects Tutorial Sites

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The beauty of vfx and motion graphics is that you don't need to speak english to be amazing at it. Our business is truly international. In this roundup we highlight 15 of the top international After Effects tutorial sites. The links are to the translated version via Google Translator. To Remove the translation just click the View original web page link in the top frame.

15 Top Foreign-Language Tutorial Websites

  • FRENCH - Mattrunks.com

    Mattias lives in Paris and works in a production studio. Learning more and more each day, his work portrays how fast his skills grow, and the tutorials he produces showcases his innovative style. This website is by far one of my favorites on the list. Very Slick.

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  • BULGARIAN - TripodBG

    Stefan Surmabojov is the After Effects artist on this site, creating some truly stunning tutorials, such as their Galaxy and Energy Ball tutorials. They also have tutorials for Photoshop, 3ds Max, and Dreamweaver.

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  • BULGARIAN - PL/CV Design

    Seeing as there isn't an about section on this site, I don't know much about them, but what I do know is they create some awesome looking graphics and vfx peices.

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  • ITALIAN - VideoMakers.net

    VideoMakers.net's Tutorials section collects tuts from all over the net, and has them listed for all different versions of After Effects. They have a ton of links here so make sure you check it out.

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  • SPANISH - Inerxia.net

    Carlo Pico runs Inerxia.net which has a ton of great presets and tips for After Effects as well as Photoshop and Combustion.

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  • PORTUGUESE - Pixels Render

    Another site that I don't know much about but they have a bit of very useful tutorials. Check them out!

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    This blog specializes in reporting on HD filmmaking, but along the way they started to produce tutorials for After Effects including a few on compositing and Vanishing Point.

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  • SPANISH - ProImagen7

    This website has a ton of visual effects as well as motion graphics tutorials. This is a must-bookmark if you understand spanish.

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  • SPANISH - Xplorer Studio

    Stephane Nicolle runs Xplorer Studio and writes all the tutorials for the site. There are a ton of written tutorials and maybe a few video tutorials along the way. Good thing about this site, is that most of the tutorials are written, therefore can be translated into any language.

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  • GERMAN - PSD-Tutorials.de

    This site has a ton of tutorials, mostly on Photoshop, but they do have around 34 tutorials for After Effects divided into 4 categories: Effects, Animations, Basics, and Creating Objects.

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  • HEBREW - Eran Stern's SternFX

    Eran is one of the guys that runs the Creative Cow AE Podcast. His site has a section that translates to English as well as Hebrew. The Hebrew version has a couple of tutorials that the English doesn't and vice versa.

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  • FRENCH - Thomas Hullin

    This site deals with After Effects and 3ds Max, and is fairly new to the scene. You have to register to access the tutorials, but once you do you can stream them as well as download them directly.

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  • TURKISH - Leblebi

    Another new site on the tutorial scene, Leblebi has 12 tutorials for After Effects and a few for Flash as well, if you are into that kinda thing.

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  • Adobe Resources

    Adobe has one of the best resources for tutorials, search, and downloads available. Todd Kopriva has a page that has links to all of these in English, Japanese, French, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.

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  • Creative Cow

    I actually just realized this... but you can translate the Creative Cow website into any language that you want. It kinda seems logical though, seeing as Creative COW is Creative Communities Of the World. All you have to do to translate is pick one of the flags on the header of the site.

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