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12 Cool After Effects Intros

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Read Time: 4 mins

A badly conceived and shoddily executed intro can diminish even the best video and that’s why today we’re focusing on 12 of the coolest After Effects intros available at VideoHive

If your skills don’t extend to AfterEffects, not to worry the intros featured here don’t require any specialist skills or any plugins.  Most of them are modular which means that they allow you to create shortened clips from the longer whole and they come with video or text instructions to help you customise them quickly and easily. 

1. Rhythmic Opener

 Rhythmic Opener Rhythmic Opener Rhythmic Opener

If you’re looking for an intro with a bit of edge and a whole lot of energy then Rhythmic Opener is the one for you. 

The opener features a 24 seconds design that is synchronised to a selected track. There are 36 image and 28 text placeholders so that you can customise your opener to fit your brand and subject. 

2. The Opener

The OpenerThe OpenerThe Opener

The Opener is a 50 second intro that offers wonderful abstract line transitions between scenes. The file is highly customisable. There are 12 media placeholders for you to insert your own photos or video, 17 text place holders for your text and you can apply your own colour scheme. What’s more the file comes in two versions for your convenience: full- screen and widescreen. 

3. Fast Opener

Fast OpenerFast OpenerFast Opener

Just 5 seconds long, Fast Opener uses sharp diagonal transitions to create a zippy intro that will appeal to those looking for a strong and concise opener. The clip offers 11 media and 10-20 text placeholders.  

4. Slideshow


Slideshow is one of my personal favourites because it borrows from the language to film in creating a beautiful animated opening for video. The 24 second clip uses 16 media and 16 text placeholders. It comes with three pre-made colour themes which can be modified. The fonts used can be accessed from a provided link and as is the case with the other files featured here, if you like the music that comes with the demo, it can be purchased from AudioJungle via the link provided. 

5. Photo Opener

Photo OpenerPhoto OpenerPhoto Opener

Photo Opener distinguished itself by slicing up your still images and then rotating and sliding the pieces back together to reform the image. The 50 second intro offers 23 media and 10 text placeholders. and provides both a PDF and video tutorial to make customisation quick and easy. 

6. Modern Opener

Modern OpenerModern OpenerModern Opener

Modern Opener is a three minute file that uses a modular structure to make it easy for users to create shorter clips to suite their needs. The intro has 15 media placeholders which can be increased to accommodate more images. There are three colour presets and the option to use some nice features like dust elements and light leaks etc. 

7. Fast And Short

Fast And ShortFast And ShortFast And Short

Fast And Short as the name suggests is only 21 seconds long and uses quick cuts to bring a dynamic and exciting feel your video. Though it’s short it uses 35 media and eight text placeholders. The clip has a clean minimalist feel and is easy to customise. 

8. Stomp Intro

Stomp IntroStomp IntroStomp Intro

Like Fast and Short above Stomp Intro is another clip that uses fast cuts but while Fast and Short is minimalist in style, Stomp Intro is quite busy and uses lots of lines, shapes and colours to create an energetic opener.  The clip features 18 media and 18 text placeholders, and uses a modular structure to make it easy to customise.

9. Photo Frames

Photo FramesPhoto FramesPhoto Frames

Photo Frames  uses lines to create quite cleaver and stylish transitions. There are five colour presets that allow you to use over 400 photos and as the clip uses a modular structure you can set up, edit and customise each element of your opener independently by simply dropping your media, logo and audio files into the pre-made design and editing the text before rendering your finished creation.

10. Dynamic Intro

Dynamic IntroDynamic IntroDynamic Intro

This 30 second opener  Dynamic Intro, comes in two different colour versions for your convenience. It uses very fast cuts with zooming in and out and left and right swipe transitions to create a sends of vibrancy. It offers 21 media and 30 text placeholders. 

11. Modern Slideshow

Modern SlideshowModern SlideshowModern Slideshow

Modern Slideshow is almost two minutes in length and is made up of 6 shorter clips that feature a variation on the theme of images exploding out of a computer screen and then forming different stylised groupings before showcasing a few of the images in each grouping.  

12. Dynamic Slideshow

Dynamic SlideshowDynamic SlideshowDynamic Slideshow

Dynamic Slideshow has a fresh modern feel. The 37 second intro uses zoom-in, zoom-out, left and right swipes, up and down transitions, as well as circles and rectangular shapes to add interest and dynamism to the clip. There are 31 placeholders for your own photo and video files and colour control allows for further customisation.


These 12 cool After Effects intros are just a small selection of the thousands of amazing After Effects scripts available at VideoHive, so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options to choose from.

And if you want to improve your skills building motion graphics yourself, then check out some of the ever-so-useful 3D and motion graphics tutorials on offer.

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