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12 Best Apple Motion Opener Templates

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If you’ve ever created your own motion graphic openers from scratch, you know the time and energy that goes into getting them just right. 

That’s why many creatives turn to templates like the Apple Motion Opener Templates available at VideoHive. In this article, I highlight 12 of the best of these templates to give you an idea of what they do. 

All of our featured templates are easy to use and come with either video or text instructions to help you customise them quickly and easily. Most are modular, which means that you can create shortened clips from the longer whole. 

1. Clean Slide

Clean SlideClean SlideClean Slide

The Clean Slide template is the ideal opener for videos dealing with topics like travel, lifestyle, fashion, food and products. The 20-second opener features 29 image and/or video placeholders, six places for adding text and one for a logo.  

Setting it up is as easy as dragging and dropping a logo, images and video in place, typing your replacement text and pressing render. In case you get stuck for any reason, a full video tutorial is included.  

2. FCP Promo

FCP PromoFCP PromoFCP Promo

FCP Promo is a cool, modern, 30-second opener which is versatile enough to be used for corporate, travel, documentary, fashion and any number of other video projects. 

The template’s colour palette and font can be easily updated to reflect your brand and a video tutorial is included to help you through the customisation process. 

3. Red Conference

Red ConferenceRed ConferenceRed Conference

The Red Conference template is ideal for creatives looking for an Apple Motion opener that is fast-paced and dynamic, with a bit of edge, for their music, fine art, documentary, travel or promo video projects. 

The opener uses quick cuts and a punchy trademark red to colour all the images and footage uploaded. 

4. Kinetic Motion

Kinetic MotionKinetic MotionKinetic Motion

If you’re looking for an opener that is light on the bells and whistles but still offers a bit of panache, Kinetic Motion is a great choice. 

This seven-second template features 12 placeholders for your text and allows you to edit the colours to fit your brand. A help file is included to help you customise and install the template. 

5. Clean Motion 2

Clean Motion 2Clean Motion 2Clean Motion 2

Clean Motion 2 is a beautiful, modern template which uses a white and grey colour scheme. It offers simple text transitions alongside more stylish image transitions. 

This 14-second template is easy to edit and works well for both corporate and more creative endeavours. 

6. Stylish Corporate Logo

Stylish Corporate LogoStylish Corporate LogoStylish Corporate Logo

Stylish Corporate Logo is all about simplicity. It features a basic but attractive six-second animated text opening. Though it's designed for businesses, it works equally well for other projects where you want the opening to be short and straightforward.  

7. Newspaper Line

Newspaper LineNewspaper LineNewspaper Line

Newspaper Line is the perfect opener for projects that deal with news and information. The template takes its style from the front-page layout of a typical newspaper, with bold headline, sub-heading, and body text. 

It’s easy to edit the template with your own text, images and videos. There’s a help file in case you get stuck. 

8. Apple Motion Parallax Slideshow

Apple Motion Parallax SlideshowApple Motion Parallax SlideshowApple Motion Parallax Slideshow

Apple Motion Parallax Slideshow template is an elegant slideshow opener with a modern design, clean look, and great animations. It's a modular design featuring six placeholders that you can fill with your own images using a drag-and-drop system. 

There are also 18 text placeholders. The template comes with a comprehensive video tutorial to help you get it set up.

9. Colourful Slideshow

Colourful SlideshowColourful SlideshowColourful Slideshow

Colourful Slideshow is another template that is an ideal opener for videos dealing with topics like travel, lifestyle, fashion, food and products. 

At 30 seconds long, it features a modular style, quick cuts which can accommodate a large number of images and video. Text is presented in a stylish and interesting way. 

10. Typewriter


Typewriter is a very clever and creative template which uses an old-fashioned typewriter to type out the opener text. 

The template isn’t suited for those who want to use loads of images in their openings but is a great option for those whose openings are text rich. 

11. Retro Grunge

Retro GrungeRetro GrungeRetro Grunge

The stylish Retro Grunge template is, as the name suggests, perfect for any project that has a bit of an urban edge to it. The template features ten video placeholders and four logo/text placeholders.

12. 10 Animated Vintage Badges VOL2

10 Animated Vintage Badges VOL210 Animated Vintage Badges VOL210 Animated Vintage Badges VOL2

If retro is your thing, check out the 10 Animated Vintage Badges VOL2 template. 

These fully animated vintage badges are perfect for opening titles or animated logos and feature ten video placeholders and four logo/text placeholders which would work well with a wide range of video projects like fashion, nature, product, travel, food and so on. 


These 12 best Apple Motion opener templates are just a small selection of the hundreds of amazing Apple Motion templates that are available at VideoHive, so if none of them quite fits your specific needs there are plenty of other great options from which to choose.

And if you want to improve your skills building motion graphics yourself, then check out some of the ever-so-useful 3D and motion graphics tutorials.

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