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12 Best After Effects Product Promos

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Whether you want to promote your products on Instagram, present a magazine mockup to a client or create an explainer video for your new service these 12 best After Effects Product Promos are a great choice. 

They'll save you time and money and help you promote your product or service in the best possible light.

1. Magazine Mock-Up KIT

Magazine Mock-Up KITMagazine Mock-Up KITMagazine Mock-Up KIT
Magazine Mock-Up KIT

If you're looking for a 3D motion graphic magazine mockup to show off the latest magazine publication or layout, check out the terrific Magazine Mock-Up KIT, a modular project made up of 20 individual scenes and five pre-made animations. 

There's nine cover scenes with unique camera angles, dolly animations and page flips, four inside page close-up scenes, six fast and slow flipping page animations and more. 

All can be customised to suit your particular needs.

2. Explainer Video Toolkit 3

Explainer Video Toolkit 3Explainer Video Toolkit 3Explainer Video Toolkit 3
Explainer Video Toolkit 3

Explainer Video Toolkit 3 enables you to build engaging and professional explainer videos for just about any kind of business. The toolkit has over 84 character animations, 32 backgrounds, 37 motion elements and many more elements you can use to build a video. 

The first step is to flesh out a story script then create the video by dragging and dropping elements or animation presets into a scene. Customise each element as needed. There are 18 short tutorials that teach you how to use each of the elements.

3. Urban Intro

Urban IntroUrban IntroUrban Intro
Urban Intro

If you want to introduce a new YouTube show, fashion line or another product then Urban Intro is an excellent choice. 

Modular in structure with gorgeous effects, transitions and animations, all you need to do is drop in your own images and videos, add text and audio and change colours as needed. 

Press render and you’ve got a gorgeous product promo ready to use.  

4. Professional 3D Device Pack

Professional 3D Device PackProfessional 3D Device PackProfessional 3D Device Pack
Professional 3D Device Pack

Professional 3D Device Pack for Element 3D is a package of 15 professional 3D models of iPhone, iMac, iPad or Apple Watch. It can be used for video presentations of mobile apps, websites and any thing else you have in mind.

The files are not pre-rendered so you can easily customise all the 3D models and animations. The package includes 70 pre-animated scenes to get you started, but you can also use the 3D models to create your own animations.

5. Instagram Stories

Instagram StoriesInstagram StoriesInstagram Stories
Instagram Stories

If you’re looking to jazz up your instagram stories or create stunning ads quickly and easily, the Instagram Stories pack is for you. The pack consists of over 250 stories divided into 13 popular categories like beauty, education, sale, travel, video template, backgrounds and animated typography. 

The pack also contains 52 special graphic elements like arrows, hands, lower thirds and more. All you need to do is add your own photo or video, change text, save in the format you will need and you’re ready to go live. 

6. Ultimate Character Animation Toolkit

Ultimate Character Animation ToolkitUltimate Character Animation ToolkitUltimate Character Animation Toolkit
Ultimate Character Animation Toolkit

Ultimate Character Animation Toolkit is a professionally designed After Effects animation toolkit that combines simplicity of use with complex fluid animations to create beautiful stories. 

The kit contains ten fully rigged characters and over 100 animations. You can create your own characters from scratch, change their body shape and details. Their movements animate automatically. 

This kit is perfect for creating explainer videos, corporate videos, infographics, cartoons, animation stories, advertisements, short films and more. 

7. Pop-Up Book Starter Kit

Pop-Up Book Starter KitPop-Up Book Starter KitPop-Up Book Starter Kit
Pop-Up Book Starter Kit

The Pop-Up Book Starter Kit is an easy and creative way to bring any story to life. The kit features an easy-to-use template with everything you need to create a detailed pop-up book with completely customisable covers, scenes and over ten pages you can fill with your own pop-ups. 

Insert images into the placeholders and watch as your pop-up book comes to life.

8. Website Presentation

Website PresentationWebsite PresentationWebsite Presentation
Website Presentation

Turbo charge a web presentation and dazzle clients with the Website Presentation package. 

The package is modular in structure so you can move scenes around easily. There's 26 image and 39 text placeholders. All you need to do is drop text and images in, add music if you want it, customise as you like and your work is done. 

9. Food Presentation

Food PresentationFood PresentationFood Presentation
Food Presentation

Chefs, caterers and restauranteurs will love Food Presentation package, a beautifully executed animated project template of 77 image and video placeholders designed specifically for those in the food industry. 

The package is modular in construction, so it's easy to move scenes around to suit your needs. Users have full control of colour and other customisations and in case you get stuck, there's a tutorial included to help you out. 

10. Product Promo

Product PromoProduct PromoProduct Promo
Product Promo

Promote fashion collections, beauty products, electronic devices or any other product with Product Promo, a modern promo advertising video. 

The Promo package uses simple, centralised controls that change the background, text and animation graphics to suit your project style. Product Promo works best with images or videos that have transparent background but you can use standard photos or videos as well. 

The project had been developed to be easy to use and edit. 

11. Instagram Stories Pack 

Instagram Stories Pack Instagram Stories Pack Instagram Stories Pack
Instagram Stories Pack 

Instagram Stories is an incredible package of over 60 templates for instagram stories, pre-made scenes, animated titles, transitions, backgrounds, animated elements and swipe up layouts that you can customise to advertise your products on Instagram. 

The templates are easy to use and come with two video tutorials to help you on your way.

12. Energetic App Promo

Energetic App PromoEnergetic App PromoEnergetic App Promo
Energetic App Promo

You’ve created a great app, but now you need to show it off and advertise it in the most enticing way possible. 

Check out the Energetic App Promo, a package of 14 animated 3D models of a mobile phone. It can be used for mobile apps, to show off responsive websites or and anything else you have in mind. 

Just add your images and text to the placeholders and customise as need. The package contains a video tutorial.

Choose Your Own Product Promo 

These 12 terrific product promos are just a small selection of the thousands of awesome Adobe After Effects product templates available at VideoHive, so if none of them quite fit your needs, there are plenty of other great options to choose from.

And if you want to improve your skills building motion graphics yourself, then check out some of the ever-so-useful 3D and motion graphics tutorials we have on offer.

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