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An Interview With Tuts+ Reader Lucy Stanford

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What makes Tuts+ so special is our community. At a meetup of Tuts+ readers and contributors in London, I had the chance to speak to some of our readers about how they use Tuts+ and what it means to them. 

Here's Lucy Stanford talking about what she's learned from Tuts+, how it's helped her career, and the best and worst parts of running a digital marketing agency.

Lucy Stanford at a Tuts meetup in LondonLucy Stanford at a Tuts meetup in LondonLucy Stanford at a Tuts meetup in London

Tell me a little bit about yourself and how you use Tuts+. 

I’m Lucy and I run a digital marketing agency in London. I started using Tuts+ when I was at university, when I used a lot of After Effects tutorials. University taught me the theory, but I learned the software tools from Tuts+.

Tuts+ taught me how to use every single thing I use right now. I use it for Photoshop tutorials, After Effects, Vector, Web Design, and all the others. I’ve started looking at the Game Development content as well, trying to broaden my horizons.

What drew you to Tuts+ and what made you keep coming back? 

I found it in university when they wanted me to do a motion video. I ended up on Aetuts+ [now known as Tuts+ 3D & Motion Graphics], and started growing from there. I always came back because each new project required me to learn new areas I’d never used before. At work, if I can’t do something, I go straight to Tuts+.

What’s the biggest single thing you’ve learned from Tuts+? 

After Effects. I was able to use InDesign, which is a little easier to just pick up, but After Effects has a much steeper learning curve. 

How has Tuts+ impacted your career? 

It’s enabled me to go further. I don’t think I would have gone as far as I have without Tuts+. It’s enabled me to go that extra mile, to show my skills a lot more and broaden my horizons.

How do you keep motivated and inspired? 

The end results keep me inspired. Some of the tutorials are quite long; I normally say to myself that two hours equals four hours. I like to take something really hard and see if I can do it. If I can do that, then I can do anything.

Lucy Stanford at a Tuts meetupLucy Stanford at a Tuts meetupLucy Stanford at a Tuts meetup

What is the best thing about your job? 

Client entertaining. With the design aspect, I enjoy the fulfilment that comes from pleasing clients with your work.

What is the hardest thing about your job? 

When the client doesn’t like the work you’ve done for them, and you have to go back to the drawing board. Thinking you knew what they’d like, showing them and them not being happy, then having to go back and get new inspiration.

How many hours a week do you use Tuts+?

A day. It’s addictive. I really enjoy learning and can always find more that I’m interested in. 

What do you think works well, and how would you like to see Tuts+ improve and grow?

I like the intermediate/beginner division, but I still have to add two hours to any tutorial. If I do the advanced one, I have to keep going back to learn some of the skills that are needed to continue.

I’m dyslexic, and I find that things get boring for me very easily, so if you guys can keep me that engaged, you’re doing a good job!

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