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How to Create 80s Inspired Movie Titles With Adobe After Effects

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In this lesson I'll show you how to create and animate some '80s inspired movie titles in After Effects using only free plug-ins and free footage assets. 

The '80s titles I'll be creating are in the style of mystery or horror films from that era and I'll be drawing a lot of inspiration from the popular Stranger Things title sequence. 

Tutorial Screencast

What You'll Need for This Tutorial

A few free assets are needed before you get started. 

You'll need the free Video Copilot After Effects plug-in Saber. You can download it here.

You will also need some free 35mm film grain from VisionColor that you can download here

In this tutorial I'll use two different free fonts from Google Fonts, Bevan and Raleway.

Finally, ensure you download the Project File for this tutorial—it is located on the far right, the blue box that says Download Attachment.

I have included an After Effects preset that will help you to create some white grain, and I've also included some free images and sound effects, that I created, that you can use to accent your '80s titles. 

How to install the After Effects Preset

You will need to drag-and-drop the White Grain.ffx After Effects preset included with the Project File into the User Presets folder. 

For Mac OS X users, navigate to ~/Documents/Adobe/After Effects CC/User Presets/

For Windows users, navigate to My Documents\Adobe\After Effects CC\User Presets\

Keep in mind that the After Effects CC folder may be a different version than listed here, such as After Effects CC 2015.

User Presets folderUser Presets folderUser Presets folder
User Presets folder

Links Mentioned in This Tutorial

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