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51 Stellar 3ds Max Tutorials

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Since all you Max users out there begged and pleaded so much, I have have rallied the troops and prepared an onslaught of 51 3ds Max tutorials for you! Some old, and some new, they are bound to keep you quite busy for the next week....or month for that matter....well at least until I post the next roundup down the line anyway.

    Creating Lens Flares

    Shoaib Khan teaches you how to create powerful lens flares using only 3ds Max.

    Bullet Control

    Model a gun, and use Particle Flow to control the bullets. Also, explore features like Find Target and Spawn. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3.

    Exploring Mental Ray with

    Explore texture mapping, lighting, and Final Gather for rendering in Mental Ray.

    Creating the Wanted Bullet

    Learn polygon modeling and texture mapping techniques by re-creating the detachable bullet from the movie "Wanted". Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4.

    3d Multi Sub Object

    Learn how to apply multiple materials to a single mesh object, through the simple, yet powerful, method of the multi sub object.

    Growing 3d Boxes

    Learn to create particles in 3ds Max with PF Source, and add text, blurs, and butterflies in After Effects.

    Text Explosion

    Learn how to create a text explosion effect, as seen in the promo for Video Copilot's "The Bullet".

    DNA in 3ds Max

    Learn how to model and texture some DNA, add text to your scene, and create a reflective plane.

    Procedural Footprints

    Make an object that leaves particles as it moves using Particle Flow, and create a mesher to affect the floor.

    Reactor Pool Table

    Learn how to animate a pool table scene with balls that react to one another using realistic physics. Part 1 Part 2

    Turning Objects to Skittles

    Create Skittles with Particle Flow, and apply multiple materials to a particle system, then composite the final animation in After Effects. Part 1 Part 2

    Modeling a Tennis Racquet

    Model a tennis racquet using splines and modifiers, and then texture it with Mental Ray.

    3ds Max Reactor Basics

    Make a car crash into a pile of bricks....nuff said.

    Animating Facial Expression with Morpher

    Learn to use Turbo Smooth, Morpher, and material ID's to animate facial expressions.

    Creating a Clay Render

    Set up materials to make a clay looking scene.

    Creating a Toon Render

    Learn to set up and render a toon style scene.

    Radiosity Lighting

    Learn how to set up and render with Radiosity Lighting.

    Terminator Eye Tutorial Series

    In this huge tutorial series you will use 3ds Max along with Photoshop, Syntheyes, and After Effects, to re-create the Terminator's deteriorated face effect.

    New Bond Introduction

    Via the Creative Cow, Michael Park shows you how to recreate the new James Bond intro using the default scanline renderer, minimal modeling, and standard materials.

    Creating a Shotgun Blast

    In a 2 part tutorial using 3ds Max and After Effects, you will learn how to create a realistic shotgun blast. Part 1 Part 2

    HDRIs Using Vray 105 RC3 Renderer

    Use HDRIs and Vray to light a castle scene.

    Unwrapping and Rendering

    Explore complex unwrapping and designing of pixel stretch free UV maps for texture-baking.

    Making of Paragalis

    Follow the workflow of modeling, sculpting, re-topologizing, optimizing UV's, normal and light map generation, and texturing.

    Making of The Hole

    Look at a simple way to make a very cool render using the free plugin "Greeble".

    Modeling a Quad Bike

    A brief walkthrough of modeling a quad bike, using some basic reference images.

    Modeling a Pocket Watch

    Model a realistic pocket watch, then set up the lights, and render with Fryrender using fry materials. Also learn how to work with tonemapping and layer blending controls.

    Camera Projection

    Learn about creating a camera projection for an animation, with pointing photo realism, and maintaining render speed with Mental Ray.

    Knight Modeling

    A video tutorial on modeling the torso of a knight.

    Roman Soldier

    Model a bust sculpture of a Roman soldier.

    Learning VRay

    Learn some nifty looking global illumination and sun lighting tricks.

    Learning Mental Ray

    Learn some nifty looking global illumination and sun lighting tricks, same as above, but in Mental Ray

    Making Asanti Wheels

    Learn how to model and render Asanti wheels using photo reference.

    Making Convincing Reflective Shaders using Mental Ray

    Learn how to create very realistic reflective shaders using Mental Ray and its Max Bounce option.

    Microscopic Cells

    Create microscopic cells with a lot of close up detail.

    Soft Shadows

    Learn how to cast soft shadows with a fast rendering lighting array. Also break up text characters and animate them individually.

    Organic Mesh

    Build an organic mesh from a sphere with noise modifiers, and use procedural textures to give it an uneven monster skin.

    The Meteor

    Create ground destruction in 3ds Max using Particle Flow. Part 1 Part 2.

    3d Crater

    Create a high quality crater over live action footage with the displace modifier. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3.

    Growing 3d Vines

    Learn to create growing 3d vines, and composite a Z-depth pass for DOF in After Effects.

    3d Text

    Create 3d text with a seamless background, and use a skylight to generate soft shadows.

    UV Mapping the Easy Way

    Learn some simple UV mapping techniques using DeepUV.

    Bullet Time Matrix Effect

    Re-create the popular bullet time effect from the Matrix.

    Modeling a Dog

    Create a very basic rendition of Disney Pixar's Bolt.

    Making of Transformers' Autobot

    Watch the making of this awesome looking Autobot animation.

    Chrome Material

    Learn to create the ever popular chrome looking material in a few simple steps.

    3d Diamond Ring

    Learn to create 3d diamonds, and render using Vray.

    Making of Hadron

    Watch the workflow of Grant Warwick in his making of his character, Hadron.

    Creating a Realistic Gold Material

    Learn how to create a realistic gold material in just a few easy steps.

    Neo Classic Livingroom Lighting and Rendering Using Maxwell Renderer

    Check out the render and lighting adjustment for neo-classical room design.

    Making of the Countess

    Watch the workflow on how to create this spectacular render using 3ds Max and Zbrush.

    Advanced Multi Channel Texturing

    Learn some great techniques for complex multi-channel texturing and advanced shading.

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