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41 MORE Killer Typography Works

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I know, I know, I am a day late, but I have quite a good reason... :) Thank you all for the well wishes, and since I love our readers so much, I was able to finish up this week's article just for you guys. It's another roundup of some amazing works of typographical art, that I really think that you are gonna like! You might see that I included one from the comments of last week, so if you have something that you think is worthy... stick it in the comments!

Cricket (Motion Graphics) Brian Johnston Commentary

Top Dozen

10:10 Climate Change

M. Leonidov

Jay Z - "Hello Brooklyn"


Lawrence Weiner - Of the Moment

FX "Justified" Main Titles

The Armada Men- Source of Illusion - Typography Music Video

Opening Titles for AMD Conference 2009

The Big Lebowski: A Valued Rug

Mrs. Eaves

Messing With Typo

Inglourious Basterds: Killing Nazis 2

78RPM - MP3 | 70 Years of Revolutionary Protest Music

Motion Typography (Dumb and Dumber)

typography (picture theory)

generics (program content)

REQUIEM FOR A DREAM in typography / motion type

Starwars Typo - pub action

7 Billion People Can't Be Wrong

I Love NY - Type in motion

Experimental Type in Motion


Duck and Cover

OYFMW Promo "Open Your Face and Make Words"



Final Alphabet Collection - Using Google Earth

Why So Serious? The Dark Knight Typography

Monty Python - Kinectic Typography




Kinetic Typography - Man on Wire

V For Vendetta Typography

governo do espírito santo

Short Attention Span - Fizzy Bangers

More Than Words

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