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20 Great Lower Thirds

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If you're a professional or keen video producer, chances are you’re going to need a lower third at some point in your career.

A lower third is a graphic overlay placed in the lower area of the screen in a video or film production. Though it can be used to help reinforce a brand, it is most often used to display a limited amount of contextual information, like someone’s name, title, location, the name of a song, and so forth.

Lower thirds are usually composed of one to three lines or tiers, and some have animated backgrounds and text while others do not. 

They're most often created using a video’s alpha channel to make some parts transparent so that the video they’re placed on top of can show through.

Of course, it is possible to create your own lower thirds, but there's no need to reinvent the wheel when there are so many great pre-made selections available to choose from. 

Here are 20 fantastic choices from VideoHive, which I’ve arranged in three popular categories to get you started.  


Corporate doesn’t have to mean boring and stodgy, and the seven lower thirds in this section are a perfect example of how to blend level-headed design with a certain elegance and creativity that will inspire interest instead of an afternoon nap. 

They're ideal for large or small businesses as well as traditional or Internet broadcasts.

1. Air Lined Lower Third

Air Lined Lower ThirdAir Lined Lower ThirdAir Lined Lower Third

Comprised of four differently coloured animated lower thirds, Air Lined Lower Third is an elegant solution for any corporate project that needs a lower third. Conveniently, the colours can be changed using Hue/Saturation settings.

2. Clean Lower Third

Clean Lower ThirdClean Lower ThirdClean Lower Third

Clean Lower Third gives you a choice of lower thirds of two lengths, short and long, to accommodate different text lengths. You also have a choice of five different colours that will match a variety of tastes and colour schemes.

3. Elegant Lower Third

Elegant Lower ThirdElegant Lower ThirdElegant Lower Third

Elegant Lower Third is quite a simple lower third, but what it lacks in complexity, it certainly makes up for in style. This two-tier lower third is available in three colours and would suit projects where you need to add contextual text using a style with a light touch.

4. Silver Lower Thirds

Silver Lower ThirdsSilver Lower ThirdsSilver Lower Thirds

With its beautiful silver tones and gorgeous animation, Silver Lower Thirds is the Rolls Royce of lower thirds in this section, and will definitely add a bit of style to your project.

5. Light Lower Third

Light Lower ThirdLight Lower ThirdLight Lower Third

Light Lower Third starts off as a burst of light at the lower centre of the frame and spreads out to create a semi-transparent lower third’s banner with subtle light flares in the background.  It is very well suited to a variety of corporate projects but would also fit in well with motivational or science videos.

6. Glass Lower Third

Glass Lower ThirdGlass Lower ThirdGlass Lower Third

Shards of transparent glass animate to form the two-tier text banners in Glass Lower Third. Users have a choice of four different colours, and the banners sits in the lower middle of the screen and can accommodate quite long text.

7. Classy Lower Third

Classy Lower ThirdClassy Lower ThirdClassy Lower Third

Classy Lower Third features two-tier text banners with a glassy top tier in your choice of eight colours and an off-white bottom tier that folds down from the top one.  Would work equally well in a business presentation or a traditional TV or online news broadcast.


If you’re looking to add a bit of fun to your videos, then these Lower Thirds are ideal for you. 

They may be a bit too funky and light-hearted for a business presentation but will definitely fit in well with videos dealing with fashion, music, lifestyle and certain kinds of product or commercial videos.

8. Fashion Lower Third 8

Fashion Lower Third 8Fashion Lower Third 8Fashion Lower Third 8

With alternate layers of circles in solid colours and animated shapes, Fashion Lower Third 8 will bring a playfulness to your video. Available in colour or black and white, this lower third is best for users who don’t have much text to display but want to do so in a fun way.

9. Paper Lower Third Pack

Paper Lower Third PackPaper Lower Third PackPaper Lower Third Pack

Paper Lower Third Pack offers six choices of paper textures and colours that roll out in the lower third of your screen to display one or two lines of text before rolling away again.

10. Sunset Lower Third

Sunset Lower ThirdSunset Lower ThirdSunset Lower Third

Sunset Lower Third has a great summertime vibe that will add a feeling of brightness and warmth to your videos. 

This lower third would work best as a one-time title intro as it is quite distinctive and eye-catching but may get a bit dull and repetitive if used repeatedly in a production.

11. High Tech Lower Third V.1

High Tech Lower Third V1High Tech Lower Third V1High Tech Lower Third V1

The advice above also applies to High Tech Lower Third V.1. This animated sci-fi styled lower third is so distinctive that it is best used as a one-time title intro for maximum effect.

12. Splatter Brush Lower Third & Background Card COMBO

Splatter brush lower third & background card combo is perfect for any production actually especially if it is artsy and not serious in nature. It brings a lot of color and fun to the project. It is always nice to have a bonus background card too.  

13. Vector Lower Thirds

Vector Lower ThirdsVector Lower ThirdsVector Lower Thirds

Vector Lower Thirds is a stylish animated lower third collection, containing three different  banner designs. 

Like most of the lower thirds featured in this section, it is ideal for one-off use to present titles in music videos, TV shows and more.

14. Colors Lower Third

Colors Lower ThirdColors Lower ThirdColors Lower Third

Colors Lower Third may be the simplest, the most abstract and the most stylish of the lower thirds in this section. 

It opens on the lower left of the screen by fanning out in a kaleidoscope of colour before settling into a beautiful purple asymmetrical banner on which you can write your text. After nine seconds, the banner folds away in the same manner it opened up.


The lower thirds in this collection all have a clean, contemporary, yet stylish aesthetic that will appeal to a wide variety of users, especially those creating lifestyle, instructional or educational videos.

15. Flat Dynamic Lower Thirds 3

Flat Dynamic Lower Thirds 3Flat Dynamic Lower Thirds 3Flat Dynamic Lower Thirds 3

If you’re looking for a simple, yet chic selection of lower thirds, Flat Dynamic Lower Thirds is an excellent choice. 

It has eight different animated styles that allow you to place your text in various areas of the frame according to your needs.

16. Social Media Lower Thirds

Social Media Lower ThirdsSocial Media Lower ThirdsSocial Media Lower Thirds

Social Media Lower Thirds is specifically designed for promoting your social media accounts. The four most popular social media icons are included—Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram—and there is a blank icon, that you can use for your own, or any other logo and text combination.

17. Flat Simple Lower Thirds 5

Flat Simple Lower Thirds 5Flat Simple Lower Thirds 5Flat Simple Lower Thirds 5

Flat Simple Lower Thirds 5 is a collection of 12 lower thirds available in three colours. They appear in two-tier and three-tier zigzag form with a lovely bubble flourish at the end.

18. Smart Phone Flat Lower Third Pack

Smart Phone Flat Lower Third PackSmart Phone Flat Lower Third PackSmart Phone Flat Lower Third Pack

The Smart Phone Flat Lower Third Pack uses the contemporary and ubiquitous smart phone as its icon. In this lower third, a hand pops up holding a mobile phone and spits out a blank banner for your text. There are three versions available: casual, vacation, and business.

19. Versatile Lower Third

Versatile Lower ThirdVersatile Lower ThirdVersatile Lower Third

Versatile Lower Third is a classic lower third with animated style and comes in nine different colours so you can match it to your colour scheme.

20. Modern Lower Third

Modern Lower ThirdModern Lower ThirdModern Lower Third

This Modern Lower Third graphic is simple and eye-catching.  It features two versions: a coloured triangle with radiating colours, and a more graphic black and white version of the same style.


These 20 amazing lower thirds are just a small selection of the hundreds of awesome lower thirds we have available at VideoHive, so if none of them quite fit your needs, there are plenty of other great options to choose from.

And if you want to improve your skills building motion graphics yourself, then check out some of the ever-so-useful 3D and motion graphics tutorials we have on offer.

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