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20 Creative Video Transitions for Your Next Video Project

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In the world of video editing, the straightforward cut is the most useful, the most used and the least obtrusive way to transition from one scene to another, but all projects are different, and there are times when you need a transition with a bit more bite.

A good editor understands this and knows when a more stylised or unusual transition is called for. 

So for those times, I’ve compiled a list of the 20 most interesting and stylish video transitions to be found at VideoHive. I’ve grouped them under border style categories to make them easier to read through.

Every transition I’ve selected is compatible with After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Sony Vegas, Movie Maker, Avid and other editing software.

Graphic Styles

1. 40+ Transitions

40 Transitions40 Transitions40 Transitions

40+ Transitions is a collection of clean and modern graphic transitions that would suit many video projects from the creative to commercial. 

There's 48 rasterised transitions in a wide variety of colours which can be modified as needed in imaging software like Photoshop.

2. 35 Cool Motion Graphics Transitions

35 Cool Motion Graphics Transitions35 Cool Motion Graphics Transitions35 Cool Motion Graphics Transitions

35 Cool Motion Graphics Transitions are another set of beautifully modern graphic transitions that range in style from the simple to complex. Again, they come in a wide variety of colours which can be modified as needed.

3. 40 Colorful Geometric Transitions

40 Colorful Geometric Transitions40 Colorful Geometric Transitions40 Colorful Geometric Transitions

40 Colorful Geometric Transitions features eight different transitions in five different colours: yellow, red, pink, blue, and green. As the name suggests, the transitions focus on creative approaches to geometric shapes.

4. Transitions


Colourful, dynamic, bold and clever are the adjectives that come to mind with Transitions. This set of 40 clips is an obvious choice for commercial, instructional and craft videos, but would also add a bit of pizazz to corporate projects as well.

5. Ultimate Transition Mattes Pack

Ultimate Transition Mattes PackUltimate Transition Mattes PackUltimate Transition Mattes Pack

Ultimate Transition Mattes Pack is a hard one to beat. The pack offers a dizzying 3,000 transitions in a beautiful selection of geometric and abstract shapes as well as wipes, glitches, motion blur and so much more. 

Customer AndrewJamesEditMusic says:

 “I cannot say enough about the quality and variety of these transitions. I purchased the pack with the multi-use license and I am able to scale these down in Premiere to use them on any 1080 projects I have as well. Extremely versatile. I could not be happier with my purchase.”

Glitch & Grunge Style

6. 15 Glitch Transitions

15 Glitch Transitions15 Glitch Transitions15 Glitch Transitions

If you’re looking from a glitch effect in your transitions, 15 Glitch Transitions delivers in spades with its edgy selection of broken-TV effects with sound effects included.

7. Quick and Dirty-10 Action Transitions

Quick and Dirty-10 Action TransitionsQuick and Dirty-10 Action TransitionsQuick and Dirty-10 Action Transitions

Quick and Dirty-10 Action Transitions delivers exactly what it says: 10 fast and gritty transactions complete with flashing blurry lights, dust, lens dirt, and scratches.

8. Ten Cinematic Transitions

Ten Cinematic TransitionsTen Cinematic TransitionsTen Cinematic Transitions

The Ten Cinematic Transitions pack borrows from the language of old black and white film, like light leaks, scratches, vignetting and film spokes, to create a set of 10 transitions that will add a vintage film feel to your project.

9. TV Static Transitions Pack

TV Static Transitions PackTV Static Transitions PackTV Static Transitions Pack

TV Static Transitions Pack contains 21 transition clips that feature the distortions and grain specific to early black and white TV.

10. Glitch Transitions

Glitch TransitionsGlitch TransitionsGlitch Transitions

Relive the days of VHS with Glitch Transitions’ retro look.  This set of 21 glitch transitions features fragmented vertical, horizontal and grid lines, flashing light leaks, and more.

Vintage Film Style

11. Vintage Light Leaks

Vintage Light LeaksVintage Light LeaksVintage Light Leaks

Light leaking into the camera and spoiling the film used to be considered a bad thing in the days of film photography but now, added in just the right way, these effects bring a bit of the old-fashioned charm of film photography to video. 

If you want to bring a bit of old-fashioned charm to a video project then this pack of 15 Vintage Light Leaks is for you.

12. Grunge Transitions 2

Grunge Transitions 2Grunge Transitions 2Grunge Transitions 2

Grunge Transitions 2 could easily fit into the Glitches and Grunge Style category, but I’ve put it under light effects because it primarily uses effects of light leaks, flares, and Bokeh. 

It combines these with dust and scratches to create an effect that is best described as vintage grunge.

13. Dynamic Light Transitions

Dynamic Light TransitionsDynamic Light TransitionsDynamic Light Transitions

The Dynamic Light Transitions pack is all about light. It uses the gorgeous effects of light reflections, light prisms and light bending to create wonderful fluid shapes that will bring an air of the magical to your transitions.   

14. Flares Transition Bundle

Flares Transition BundleFlares Transition BundleFlares Transition Bundle

For those of you who work on fashion, beauty or lifestyle projects, Flares Transition Bundle may be just what you need to bring that extra layer of fun to your work. With 20 light flares with various colour effects, there’s no shortage of transitions to choose from.

15. Transitions


Featuring 90 video transition files including everything from light leaks, flash, grunge light and burning light to TV damage effects, Transitions is really the ultimate transition pack. 

All 90 files can be easily used in a variety of editing and compositing software, and sound effects are included.

Artistic Style

16. Rip Paper Transitions

Rip Paper TransitionsRip Paper TransitionsRip Paper Transitions

If you want to bring a bit of handmade creative flair to your video project, then you’ll love Rip Paper Transitions. This collection of eight transitions uses the action of tearing paper complete with a deckled edge to move from one clip to another.

17. TWO Clean Ink Splat Mask

TWO Clean Ink Splat MaskTWO Clean Ink Splat MaskTWO Clean Ink Splat Mask

If you love the organic beauty of watercolour, then you will love TWO Clean Ink Splat Mask, which uses layers of pink, red and orange watercolours to create a beautiful, ephemeral transition effect.  

18. Water Liquid Paint Transitions

Water Liquid Paint TransitionsWater Liquid Paint TransitionsWater Liquid Paint Transitions

Water Liquid Paint Transitions delivers the effect of liquid spilling, dripping, and pouring to make transitions between video clips. Each transition has an alpha and a luma channel incorporated into them so users can create great realistic effects.

19. 36 Inks

36 Inks36 Inks36 Inks

With the 36 Inks pack, transitions are created using the effects of ink bleeds, inkblots, and ink splatters. This would be perfect for a project to do with writing or painting, but it’s also a creative transition that would liven up any kind of video.

20. Glass Screen Breaking

Glass Screen BreakingGlass Screen BreakingGlass Screen Breaking

The Glass Screen Breaking pack contains four different transition videos of glass being broken to reveal the video clip behind it. In two of the four videos, all the glass falls away, while with the other two, the glass is only partially shattered to create the appearance of a ball or bullet breaking it. 

Each of these transitions has an alpha and a luma channel incorporated into them to give great realistic effects.


These 20 amazing video transitions are just a small selection of the thousands of awesome video transitions we have available at VideoHive, so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options to choose from.

If you want to learn more about how to use these video transitions, check out our course, which walks you through the whole process.

And if you want to improve your skills building motion graphics yourself, then check out some of the ever-so-useful 3D and motion graphics tutorials we have on offer.

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