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12 Premium After Effects Scripts

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Adobe After Effects is an industry-standard digital effects tool for video compositing, motion graphics design and animation. It's often used in filmmaking and television post-production and the web.

To learn more, read our Introduction To The Basics Of After Effects Scripting.

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With a plethora of After Effects scripts available, Videohive is the perfect destination to discover new ideas to incorporate into your projects.

Scripts for Animation

1. Simple Photo Animator

Simple Photo Animator

Simple Photo Animator is made to easily animate your simple photos with only a few clicks. All you need to do is draw a rough background mask and choose a preset. It is really that easy.

  • Easy to understand controls
  • Mask the background
  • Choose from self-explanatory presets selection
  • Every camera preset can be looped
  • Achieve excellent effects fast

As a side note, if you like the soundtrack the the video accompanying Simple Photo Animator, head on over to AudioJungle and listen to Energetic Rock by yellowbus

2. 3D Photo Maker

3D Photo Maker

3D Photo Maker is a script for Adobe After Effects that provides simple ways to make static photos more interesting by adding various affects to bring them to life.

  • Gives two-dimensional images the impression of three-dimensions
  • Easily define a background grid
  • Place elements in the foreground
  • Choose which elements to animate
  • Control effects using simple sliders
  • Video tutorial included
  • UltraHD 4k compatible
  • Compatible with non-standard resolutions

3. Photos Videos Comps To Comps

Photos Videos Comps to Comps

Photo Videos Comps to Comps is an After Effects script that automatically adds imported items, such as photos, videos, compositions, solids, to the selected compositions in only two clicks. In the drop-down menu select the desired screen orientation according to the selected compositions: Landscape, Portrait or Original.

  • Automatically adds selected items with batch import
  • Place 100 or more items in seconds
  • Landscape or Portrait
  • Fullscreen feature
  • Saves time

Scripts for Animation

4. Watercolor Motion Kit

Watercolor Motion Kit

Watercolor Motion Kit , for Adobe After Effects, allows you to create unique, artistic watercolour designs and animate them just one click. With a brand new workflow using the power of Photoshop and After Effects you can create truly stunning, detailed results that will leave a lasting impression.

  • Brush over a selected area in Photoshop
  • Run an action, such as Sandstorm
  • Export the design
  • Import into After Effects
  • Customise and Render

5. 3D Map Generator

3d Map Generator

I love maps. I love infographics. What better than this script for creating absolutely stunning visual effects with maps, routes and location markers. It works with Google Maps colors. It is great for presentation, TV or website opener. Put yourself on the map.

Scripts for Text Animation 

6. Social Media Video Captions

Social Media Video Captions

The Social Media Video Captions script for Adobe After Effects enables you to subtitle video footage quickly and easily. Paste in a passage of text, automate the separation and numbering of sentences, view the footage and quickly insert each new text caption by pressing the asterisk ket.

You can review and refine the captions accordingly.

  • Visually sync with markers
  • Live update adjustment
  • Clean styles
  • Simple text
  • Drop shadow,

7. Fast Glitch Titles

Fast Glitch Titles

Fast Glitch Titles, for After Effects, provides for fast setup, of a title sequence ideal for a film project.

  • No plugins required
  • Script assist for easy setup
  • Clean styles
  • Create a normal text layer
  • Choose font size and colour
  • Adjust duration
  • Choose preset
  • Create effect

8. Simple Font Replacer

Simple Font Replacer

Simple Font Replacer is a script that does exactly what it says on the tin. It's a fast way to replace fonts in an After Effects Project. Change individual fonts or change all of the fonts in the project. Also provides for control over font size and justification.

  • Replace fonts in a project
  • Works for selected layers, selected compositions or for entire project
  • Change font size
  • Change font alignment
  • Used as dockable palette or separate window
  • Simple to install and use

Scripts for Video

9. InstaOld Look

InstaOld Look

InstaOld Look is an After Effects script that enables you to instantly add an old look to videos footage. It's fast and very easy to use: press a button to execute an action. InstaOld Look lets you add dust and scratches to the active composition. Black and White lets you add a black and white colour correction. Frame simulates an old camera for that authentic vintage effect.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Dockable
  • Three styles
  • Fast and useful
  • Customizeable
  • English and Italian UI
  • Random seed option
  • Free ft-toolbar icon included

10. Tilt-Shifter


Tilt-Shifter is a native After Effects script that allows you to add a customisable tilt-shift effect to your composition. It includes unique features, such as animation and rack focusing, which allow you to create truly unique looks. The default settings used by the script create a generic tilt-shift effect. Adjusting these settings will allow you to create a customised look that will allow your footage to look great! 

  • Create a tilt-shift effect fast
  • Easy to use interface
  • Tilt-shift multiple compositions at once
  • Unique animation options for video
  • Easy to update and find the perfect effect

Scripts for Slideshows

11. Motianic Slideshow Creator

Motianic Slideshow Creator

Motianic Slideshow Creator allows you to create spectacular transitions in any resolution up to UltraHD 4k (3840x2160). The unique script lets the animation of the transitions run relative to the intervals of the markers. Just import audio, video and/or photos, choose the transitions and generate a spectacular slideshow.

  • Load your chosen music
  • Set the cuts by tapping the marker-key rhythmically at the desired times
  • Correct mistakes afterwards
  • Import footage
  • Decide order in which it should play
  • Choose transitions
  • Define which transition should trigger or let Motianic choose at random
  • Edit transitions
  • Insert text as required
  • Run the script
  • Render the Slideshow

Other Scripts

12. Color Theory for After Effects

Color Theory

Color Theory, for After Effects, helps you to choose effective colour combinations, from almost 17-million colours, that work. Give Color Theory and colour hex value, or choose from the colour-palette. Color Theory will return an awesome palette of colours that will go well together on any project. Color Theory tells you what they mean.

  • Select colour with hex value
  • Select colour from colour-palette
  • Ten methods of colour selection
  • No need to worry about colours that work, Color Theory takes care of that

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