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Tuts+ Hollywood Movie Title Series: Men In Black 3


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Today we'll be looking at the animation style of the movie Men in Black 3. To understand the true potential of using of the Element 3d inside of After Effects, we will use Cinema 4D both for the creation of a polygonal shape of the logo, but also for exporting the animated sequence of the camera and all important references using the ecc file type. We'll then see how to use 3d Element in After Effects for the application of materials while looking at how to overcome a small limitation of Element 3d regarding the pivot inside the project.

At the end of this tutorial, you can learn how to draw and animate your own title with this cool style. The actual example of Men in Black 3 movie title is just for training purposes and is not to be used in a final project without permission from the original creators. Happy Halloween!!


Download Tutorial .mov

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