Tight Typography Tips #1 - "Background Check"


I think there was a moment in each of our lives when we discovered the almighty “vignette”... You can always tell when a person first learns the technique by going through their facebook albums... Yep, there it is, the weekend I first started “using” and “abusing”. I can’t tell you how many beginner typography projects I’ve seen where the creator just ads a vignette and expects everything to be ok... now.. I’m not bashing the vignette. In fact, I still use if for the vast majority of my animation projects... but the principle here is to be discreet, really, unnoticeable... unless you want it noticed, but the idea of this step is to have a complimentary background to help your text along.

Match your background to your script. If you’re talking about “Going Green” have a natural texture or earth-tone colors. If you’re project has to do with industry or machines, maybe you’d want a light metallic texture... There are a TON of free textures online! I’ve included some links and other tutorials below to help you find what you’re after.

You see, your background selection is the the first indicator of the context of the project. Are you spray painting graffiti on a brick wall? Jotting down thoughts on a piece of notebook paper? Solving a problem on a chalkboard? How about doodling on an Etch-a-Sketch? Every builder begins with a foundation... every painter begins with blank canvas... What background will you begin with?


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