Recreating Pixar's Wall-e in High Poly Using Maya 2012: Part 17


In this part, you'll start refining Wall-e's back. This includes modifying the existing mesh to create additional space for the remaining elements, removing unnecessary edges, adding new supporting geometry and cleaning up the overall mesh for subdivision.

Project Overview:
In this in-depth modeling series for Autodesk Maya you'll learn how to faithfully recreate one of Pixar’s most lovable characters, Wall-e. This beginner/intermediate level tutorial series is focused on hard-surface modeling and will teach you fundamental techniques that you can apply to any project. These include blocking out form and overall proportion, creating complex shapes from primitives and maintaining a correct edge flow across your models. By the end of the series, you'll have a good understanding of the fundamental tools and techniques used in high-poly, hard-surface modeling and the experience to start tackling complex modeling projects on your own!

Part 17: Video 1

Part 17: Video 2

Part 17: Video 3

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