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Pulsing Power Banshee Scream - Part 1 - Tuts+ Premium


This is the first of a two part tutorial on how to create a sonic scream similar to Banshee's scream in 'X-Men: First Class' or the sonic cannons in 'The Incredible Hulk.' I used this effect for my short film 'Agents Of Evil 2: Supercharged' which you can see here. First I'll show how to do the effect from the side, then in the next tutorial I'll show how to do it from the front.

In this tutorial I'll be going through the process of creating the displacement map for the warping (using the CC Glass effect), making the displacement look like it has some volume, and adding camera shake. In the final comp I do some camera projection.

In the effect I use the Smoke Wisp 8 from the smoke stock footage pack from Aetuts+ (which you can download here if you like their Facebook page). I also use the Knoll Unmult plug-in that you can download for free from Red Giant Software.

Hope you find this tutorial useful!

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