Visual Effects

Learn How To Composite A Zombie-Like Tear Of Blood


There are so many projects where we blow up a Zombie head or have blood splatter against the wall after we shoot one. I think we've missed something important though. Zombies are... were people too. We need to be sensitive to what they're feeling. Don't just say, "Wipe those bloody tears off your face!" Hurting Zombies hurt people.


  • Mocha for After Effect You can visit the product page here.

You will also need some footage of a face. Plus Members have direct access to the footage used in this tutorial. Want the AE Project Files and assets for this tutorial and all of the other tutorials on Aetuts+? Join Ae Plus for just $19/month. You can view the final effect preview video below.


  • Core Training Value: Will be a good first experience with Mocha. Learn basic tracker point removal and real time tear animation.
  • Difficulty: Intermediate


Download Tutorial .flv

File size 112MB

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