How To Amazingly Open After Effects and Excellently Create a New Awesome Null in After Effects Like a Rock Star


We've all seen lots of tutorials on how to open After Effects and create null objects in After Effects, but today we're not only going to learn how to open After Effects... we'll also be creating a null object all within After Effects with no 3rd Party plug-ins inside of After Effects using only After Effects. Let's get started!

1. Opening up After Effects

Step 1

Open up After Effects (by clicking the AE icon) which will open up After Effects.


Step 2

Great Job! Now After Effects should be open.


2. Creating a New Composition

Step 1

Now you'll want to create a composition (Composition > New Composition) and set the parameters as follows.


3. Creating a Null Object

Step 1

You're doing great! Now you'll want to create a Null Object (Layer > New > Null Object) which will create a new Null Object.



Well we've had a lot of fun today... the key thing to remember is that you have to take these things slow. Don't get discouraged if not everything made sense. Just go back and make sure you follow each step. Good luck creating your own Null Objects in After Effects, using only After Effects!