Generate A Comp Of Thumbnail Stills From Your Animation


When it comes to video games, it's a common technique to store all the frames of an animation in one image and shift the UV coordinates instead of having to load a bunch of images, which is heavier on the graphics card/processor. Knowing this, I thought, "What if you made an animation and wanted to show it to someone who wouldn't take the time to look at an entire video... but would be willing to have a glance at one single picture which contains poses?"

So I've put together a few fairly simple expressions and made them a little more complex by adding sliders for parameters such as: X-repeat, custom width and height and skip frames (displays every other, every 3rd etc. frame). This tutorial contains a lot of stuff the fresh and eager expression writer needs to practice. Lets jump in!


Download Tutorial .mp4

File size: 124.1 MB

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