DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals - Working Without a Power Horse Machine


This is the bonus video to the DaVinci Resolve 9 Series. I had mentioned that I wanted to make an additional advanced tutorial for more complex node structures, but the more I thought about it I realized if you are an advanced user, you already have your own way of structuring or working with different kind of projects and stuff.

So I decided to create this video more for the newbies who think they don't have a Power Horse Machine and therefore wouldn't be able to work with DaVinci.

Today I will be using an old MacBook Pro 7.1 13" 2010 with a nVidia Geforce 320M. Officially this shouldn't be able to work with DaVinci, But IT DOES! Yes, the UI is a little bit squished but you can always use external second monitor with your Macbook or laptop. All you need is a nVidia card with Cuda cores and that's it. With this Macbook Pro I am able to have 720 source ProRes 422HQ about 19-20fps with 2 Nodes. That's with a HDD... If it was with a SSD the fps will be realtime! I can make 2-3-4 Nodes and it won't be a problem.

In this video I will try to make the same changes using DaVinci and AE without external plugins (tried Color Finesse - It didn't do the work I was after, but I was probably the problem since I've never really used it before.)

You can see the comparison video between the two software's renders. I really like how DaVinci is managing the Highlights, Midtones and the Shadows.

DaVinci manages to export the same thing as AE with the same export settings 10 times faster! So if you think your workflow will be slowed down because of DaVinci - think again! Bottom line, you don't need a super powerful machine to handle Resolve. Any problems you have or suggestions, please let me know in the comments below.


Download Tutorial .mp4

File size: 1.04 GB

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