Build an Advanced Production Quality Character Rig with Maya - Part 2


In part 2 of Shaun Keenan's rigging series for Maya. You'll continue building the controls for the Flower, this includes tying the rig together, rigging the tongue, adding stretchy limb functionality to the stems, creating the vast amount of connections needed for the petal's to function correctly, and finalizing the overall rig controls.

Built inside this rig are various options for not only the flowers range of movements, but options to change between various levels of mesh detail, stretchy limbs on the fly, and and awesome facial rig with a wide assortment of helpful and innovative tools for animators to do their job right!

Additional Files/ Plugins:

Video 1 - Tying the Rig Together

Video 2 - Rigging the Tongue

Video 3 - Creating Stretchy Stems

Video 4 - Petal Connections

Video 5 - Petal Connections 2

Video 6 - Final Connections

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