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Set Up An Intense CG Street Race Composition - CG Premium


If you've ever tried to shoot a car chase scene, you know how hard it is to get everything set up right. Besides being extremely difficult to reset your shots, getting the perfect angle and nailing your timing can be next to impossible unless you can find a deserted road somewhere. With this tutorial, you'll be able to pull off shots that are guaranteed to impress (cause they're not real). Half of the tutorials are available in AE Premium, the other half of the series is available through CG Premium... enjoy!

In this complete tutorial, we will take you through the process of creating a CG Street Race shot, using a background footage plate and various 3D elements. We will start by preparing the footage for use in tracking the camera movement. We will then track the footage using Boujou tracking software. Once tracked, we will take the 3D camera data into 3D Studio Max and create a basic proxy scene and animation. We will then import hi res 3D car models into 3D and link them to our proxy animation. We will also light the scene to help blend the 3D assets into the BG footage. Once the 3D assets are ready, we will render out the elements using multipass rendering and bring them into After Effects for compositing the shot. You will learn how to layer multipass renders and how to use layer modes for the various elements. Then we wil apply various post production treatments including post-motion blur, color correction and audio. Once you have stepped through the entire process, you will be left with a believable CG shot, for use in your showreel or projects....

This is a joint Premium tutorial with Aetuts+ - Check out their side of the story here...


  • Part1 - Preparing the Footage, Tracking
  • Part2 - Setting up for 3D and creating a simple proxy 3D set and car animation
  • Part3 - Importing hi-res 3D models and setting up lighting and rendering
  • Part4 - Setting up for final render passes
  • Part5 - Compositing the shot in After Effects
  • Part6 - Post production and color treatment

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