• Maya
    Crafting A Detailed 'Next-Gen Boiler' - Part 5 Baking MapsThumb
    In part five, you'll learn how to up-res the low poly model in preparation for map baking and how Zbrush can be used in conjunction with Maya to add addition detail and damage to the high-res model, an important step in creating detailed normal maps. Shray will also show you how to setup, bake and combine Normal and Ambient Occlusion maps using xNormal and how to construct the model's shader back in Maya.Read More…
  • xNormal
    Quick Tip: Ambient Occlusion In xNormalThumb 3d cg vfx ambient occlusion map texturing lighting xnormal rendering baking
    In today's Quick Tip, Chris Tate will show us a quick and easy method for rendering out an Ambient Occlusion map using the free program xNormal. AO maps are relatively easy to setup and implement into your texturing work-flow and the benefits can be enormous.. Add another level of detail and realism to any model with this simple, yet effective technique! Let's take a look...Read More…
  • xNormal
    Quick Tip: Baking Normals & Combining Maps Using xNormal and PhotoshopThumb3
    Correctly baking out maps can be a challenge, especially if you're not exactly sure of how to approach it. In this quick tip Shaun Keenan will give you a step by step lesson on how to capture high resolution detail from ZBrush in both Normal, and Ambient Occlusion maps using the free program xNormal. Shaun will also discuss the importance of re-topology, and having a good set of UV's when baking. Finally he'll show you how to quickly combine multiple normal maps together using Photoshop.Read More…
  • ZBrush
    Quick Tip: Converting Polypaint Data From Zbrush Using xNormalThumb
    In today’s quick tip tutorial, Shaun Keenan will show you an very effective technique for correctly converting Zbrush polypaint data into useable textures with the help of xNormal, the awesome free map baking program. This extremely useful technique has countless applications and works with any 3D software, so try it out for yourself after the jump!Read More…