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    Cgtuts+ Massive 2012 Buyers Guide: 80 Gift Ideas for the Cg ArtistThumb2
    We're back this year with our biggest Holiday Buyers Guide ever and it's jam packed with awesome! We've rounded up 80 great gift ideas that are perfect for cg artists or the everyman. Some are big and expensive, others are small and cheap. So whether you're looking for something for yourself, a co-worker, friend or family member, we've got something for everyone and every budget. Need something big to stick under the tree this year? no problem! Looking for last minute stocking stuffers? We've got those too!Read More…
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    Bitgem's Quirky Low Poly Model Showcase200
    Cgtuts' sister marketplace 3DOcean has a lot of talented authors, including our former site manager and in-house 3D expert Bitgem. Hailing from Hanover, Germany, Bitgem's quirky low poly creations are a favourite of mine, and today I wanted to put together a little showcase of them for Cgtuts+.Read More…
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    30 Badass Video Game Cinematics - Part 3Thumb2
    Once again Casper van Pomeren is back with another part of his massive video game cinematics roundup. Part 3 features some of the most legendary cinematics around, including Star Wars: The Old Republic, Starcraft 2 and Portal 2, and that's just the start!....Read More…
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    Top HDRi Skies from 3dOceanSky
    As I look outside my window on a grey and snowy day, I feel like I could use a little sunny HDRi sky to drop into the background. So today we're going to do a rundown of some of the top HDRi skies from over at our sister site 3dOcean. Let's do this!Read More…
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    Roundup: 30 Awesome Cinema 4D Tutorials!Thumb
    Once again we've searched through the internets to find some of the best Cinema 4D tutorials available anywhere, and compiled a list of 30 of the most unique we could find. We've got everything from Modeling and Animating, to Lighting, Rendering and Compositing. As well as Particles, Dynamics, Xpresso, Mograph and a few 'Making Of's'. So pull up a seat, fire up Cinema 4D and enjoy!Read More…
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    30 Badass Video Game Cinematics - Part 2Thumb
    Today Casper van Pomeren is back with the the second part of his massive video game cinematics roundup. We have an excellent collection of awesome trailers, Including Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Mass Effect 3, Firefall and Overstrike, to name just a few! Check'em out after the jump.Read More…
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    50 Amazing Architectural RendersThumb
    Today we've got another roundup for everyone to check out. This time we have a collection of 50 amazing architectural renders from around the internets. We've got mostly modern arch-viz style exteriors and interiors for you, but we threw in a few other types as well. So get inspired after the jump!Read More…
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    30 Badass Video Game Cinematics - Part 1Thumb
    No, this article isn’t about teaching you how to create computer generated content. It’s about enjoying the already created content. We went out and grabbed all the amazing cinematics we could find and put them in one giant collection. This collection has something for everyone, from amazing action scenes to beautiful worlds. You can use it as inspiration, a ‘little’ break from work or even a replacement for movie night! Read More…
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    Dazzling 3D Work From Creattica!Preview
    It's time for some 3d inspiration! Creattica, Envato’s gallery website of great design and inspirational imagery, is always a great source to get the creative juices flowing. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the awesome work that has been recently submitted to Creattica under the 3d Graphics category.Read More…
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    19 Dazzling CG Artworks and Tutorials on Water - BAD 2010Blog action day 1 thumb water clean water 3d cg roundup vfx tutorial images
    This year Cgtuts+ is taking part in Blog Action Day to raise awareness about clean water and water conservation, and as such we have two great water-themed posts coming for you over the course of the day! To start us off, Topher Welsh has put together another awesome roundup of images and tutorials.Read More…
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    15 More Amazing Vehicles3d cg vfx modeling rendering lighting texturing vehicles cars thumb
    Topher Welsh is back with another image collection! Here's what he has to say : "Time for another vehicles roundup! We got some amazing looking vehicle renders for you to check out... mostly cars, but some others are thrown in the mix. If you have any favorites that I've overlooked, please post them in the comments!"Read More…
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    22 Awesome Product Shots3d cg roundup article rendering modelling modeling texturing lighting uving
    One of the best ways to learn how to create detailed product models, is to recreate the things around you, as accurately as you possibly can! Here we have some amazing examples of fantastic product modeling, as well as some related tutorials and a free model at the end of the article! Enjoy!Read More…