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  • Web Roundups
    42 Exemplary XSI TutorialsThumb
    It took me a while to round these up, but from the farthest depths of the interwebs, they are here at last. This time I have imported the motherload....42 stupendous tutorials to keep your XSI mania at bay!Read More…
  • Softimage
    Create Some Dazzling Particle Effects Using ICE in SoftimagePreview image
    Using the graphically based, plug and play programming of ICE, you will create and learn to control the motion of electron clouds around a nucleus. This tutorial covers constraints to motion, how to do vector math, particle trails, creating and reusing ICE compounds, and even some basic ICE particle rendering. If you don’t already, you will come to love the flexibility and power that ICE provides to your simulations. Read More…