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  • Adobe After Effects
    Enter Your After Effects Script to Win $5,000Ae preview
    Our parent company Envato has been seeing increasing demand for Adobe After Effects scripts on VideoHive. To encourage more people to create high-end scripts for sale on VideoHive, Envato is running a 12-week contest with $10,000 in prize money for the best After Effects scripts on VideoHive.Read More…
  • 3D Studio Max
    Creating a Reflective Sheen in 3ds MaxSf
    In this tutorial, I'll show how to make such reflective sheen in 3ds Max, such as seen in laptop and mobile phones commercials. I'll show you how to render it as a separate pass so that you can control its intensity in multi pass compositing easily. Read More…
  • 3D Studio Max
    Multi Pass Rendering and Compositing in 3ds Max and After Effects- Part 1Sd
    In this 2 parts tutorial series, I will teach how to do multi pass rendering and compositing in 3ds Max and After Effects. The 1st part is absolutely for the beginners. In this part, I will show you how to prepare a scene for multi pass rendering in 3ds Max. I will start with the basic passes like Diffuse, Shadow, Reflection and Specular. In the 2nd part of the tutorial, I will show you how to control all the passes with one particular and single pass only. Read More…
  • Animation
    Animate an Isometric Vector Island With Adobe After Effects and IllustratorTutorial artboard%203 compressed
    In a previous tutorial, we created an isometric island, and today we will animate key elements of that island. We'll use Illustrator to prepare the files and After Effects to animate.Read More…
  • Adobe After Effects
    How to Create a Laser Light Animation in Adobe After EffectsLaser%20light%20thumbnail
    In this tutorial I'll show you how to create a scanning laser light animation using the plugin Optical Flares with Adobe After Effects.Read More…
  • Adobe After Effects
    Creating a 3D Sticker Peel With Cinema 4D and After Effects, Part 2Peel
    This tutorial shows how to bring animations to life by lifting them off the page in Cinema 4d and then add dynamics to the animation by colorizing the entire project in After Effects.Read More…
  • Editing
    After Effects Warp CutsSm warp%20cut
    Editing the perfect interview can be a challenge if your onscreen talent isn't a professional. Cutting out all the pauses, stammers, stutters, and uhs can be a challenge. Use After Effects to remove unwanted audio, but keep the interview footage rolling with warp cuts.Read More…
  • Cinema 4D
    Mapping DEM Data in Cinema 4DMapping%20tutorial%20preview
    Create 3d geometry from USGS DEM data in Cinema 4D. Overlay the landmark model with a high resolution contour map to create a dynamic 3d map.Read More…
  • Adobe After Effects
    Creating Clock Hand Animations in After EffectsClock
    In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to animate a clock hands in After Effects with the help of simple expressions. This tutorial builds on the tutorial: Creating An Animated Clock In 3ds Max Using Expressions & Custom Attributes.Read More…
  • Adobe After Effects
    Quick Tip: Easy Way to Add Christmas Lights to a SceneChristmas%20lights%20thumbnail
    In this Quick-Tip I will show you an alternative way to create realistic Christmas lights on buildings in footage and photos using Adobe After Effects.Read More…
  • Adobe After Effects
    How to Replace the Sky in a VideoSky
    If you have you needed a beautiful sunset in your scene—and Mother Nature has been uncooperative—Michele Yamazaki of Toolfarm explains how to easily take an uninspiring sky and turn it into a gorgeous scene in After Effects, using both standard plug-ins and third party plug-ins. Read More…
  • Adobe After Effects
    Quick Tip: How to Create Dynamic Backgrounds With After EffectsBackground%20thumbnail
    In this Quick Tip I will show you how to create some dynamic backgrounds by using the effect CC RepeTile, Fractal Noise, and resources from a website such as Subtle Patterns.Read More…